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Would You Consider a Permanent Birth Control Procedure?

Yesterday The Doctors showcased Dove, a 32-year-old mother of two who is finished having children, and underwent a breakthrough permanent birth control procedure called Essure. Unlike having your tubes tied, Essure doesn't require any cutting into the body. The doctor inserts small flexible micro-inserts through the vagina, cervix, and uterus and into your fallopian tubes, so you can walk out of the doctor's office afterward. The method has been around for about five years and garnered attention for being an anesthesia-free sterilization option. In the video below you see the doctor discuss the method and perform the procedure. What’s your take?

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bchicgrl bchicgrl 8 years
I would consider it as an option just all of the others forms of preventing pregnancy. I know I want at least 2 kids maybe 3 but when I'm done I'm done. It's nice to know there are other procedures out there other then getting your tubes tied especially since a couple of my friends were born after their moms tied their tubes. I'm only 29 and I could only imagine 10 yrs down the line when I start to think about things like this that there will tons more options for us women to consider. As for the people who know they never want kids, good for you and definitely do not listen to what others try and say to change your mind. Kids are definitely not for everyone.
msshellokitty msshellokitty 8 years
i'm 27.i have 4 kids who are 8,7,2 and 4 months.i didn't get my tubes tied but i got mirena.i know i am done.4 kids is alot to handle and i know i don't want anymore.i couldn't get my tubes tied though.even though i am done i don't want anything that permanent.
simbaspaws simbaspaws 8 years
Children are the most natural and amazing gifts...why would you deny your body and your life such an amazing journey.
lawchick lawchick 8 years
The question is "would you consider a permanent birth control procedure?" not "how do you feel about permanent birth control in general?" My answer to the question that was asked is I don't know/maybe. I don't know why anyone thought it was their business to comment on someone else's answer to the question that was asked, but whatever! For the record, I don't care what anyone else does with their reproductive health and would prefer that people feel the same way about mine.
Chrstne Chrstne 8 years
I'm sure people live with their "mistakes", but I think that the fact that permanent birth control is permanent, I get the feeling that there are a lot of people who in the future will deal with that "mistake" and be bitter about it. I am not knocking people who do opt for permanent BC when they are young. I am just saying that I went from never wanting a child (and despising them) to working with kids who I love, but not sure if I'll ever feel emotionally or physically ready for a child. I can go either way. At least if you don't want kids, but you didn't opt for permanent BC just yet...that is something you can change. You can't change it the other way around, so it's a word of caution for those who are still young -- because once you do it, there is no second chance. I don't think anyone is right on this situation. We all have different feelings and different logic. Some people think they are sure, other people don't feel ready. Some think BC in general is wrong, some people don't want kids, but if they got pregnant, they'd be okay. You just need to make the best decision for yourself. If the best decision is to have the assurance you will never have kids, then that is what you need to do. If you are very sure, if you have things figured out in your personal life, then you won't regret whatever decision you make. You may in the future think wow, raising kids was tough, or in the future say "wow, I wish I had kids", but at the end of the day, it could be a fleeting thought, and you'll know in your heart you did what was best for you.
SusanTeufel SusanTeufel 8 years
MacGirl and Greggie: I agree with you It's against my beliefs to put a permanent end to my fertility. Like skigurl said, what if I wanted a baby all the sudden again? I'd be devastated.
grablife365 grablife365 8 years
Nope. I'm pretty sure I want kids and I'm probably going to have a few of them. I would never consider something so permanent. I like that I have the choice to make up my mind when the time comes concerning things that I can't predict. Namely my feelings and my future.
Greggie Greggie 8 years
I agree with macgirl. Actually what I don't get is people who have no children and never want children giving me "advice" on my own kids. I'm not saying it's been done in this thread, but it has been done on this site before. I don't care if someone wants to be sterilized at 21 anymore than I care if they want to be sterilized at 45. Unless they're telling me or my husband to do so, it's none of my business.
heather0331 heather0331 8 years
To all of those who think they'll change their minds butt out. All of you made the decision to have and love your kids let these ladies live and love their lives without children just as it is. I am married and I have two kids and some days I wish I didn't have the kids. Go ahead tell me how awful I am, but if I knew I had the choice beyond the pill and condoms bet your sweet butt I would have done it. I was not a canidate for an IUD and after the birth of my second son I had a hysterectomy, and let me tell you if I could have made that decision sooner I would have. I was 24 when I had the surgery. I have never felt the urge to have another one afterwards, or the feeling of regret for doing what we did for our family.
mhg mhg 8 years
i'm just glad we can all make the reproductive choices we want. i will add, though, that 2 close friends, who in their 20s, swore they'd never want children only to each change their minds in their 30s (one friend has 2 the other, 1). and, please, there is no need to get your panties in a wad about me saying this or at the valid points mstrauss brought to the table. no one is attacking your childless by choice stance. no one. it's just that a lot of us have been 24 before and can look back and snicker at those "i nevers."
trishshack trishshack 8 years
Absolutely, yes. If my husband died tomorrow and I married again in a year I would still not want to have more children. I am 32 years old and have 3 kids, which is more than enough for me. I had a Mirena inserted 2 years ago when I wasn't 100% sure that I was done. Now that my youngest 4 I know there is no way I could go through nightwakings and diapers again and come through with my sanity. However, I also do not want to undergo anesthesia and surgery. There is actually a newer procedure called Adiana that is waiting for final FDA approval. To me, it sounds even better than Essure because the inserts dissolve in the fallopian tubes, leaving no permanent foreign objects in the body but still leaving the patient infertile. I look forward to the day when I know for certain that I will not be pregnant again.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
It actually wasn't snide at all. I just find it so odd. I rarely go to sites for things I don't want and fight with people who are there enjoying it. You just called peoples kids stinky. I'm pretty sure I'm not the one that is out of line here. Know your audience, unless of course you lurk because you want the fight. If that's the case enjoy yourself. :-)
foxie foxie 8 years
Is it as strange as the fact that you made that snide comment on a post about permanent birth control (which IS applicable to people who don't want children)?
jessielynn657 jessielynn657 8 years
i read feeds about children and babies because information interests me. i like having knowledge about everything that is around me. that is why i study Christianity when i despise of it and learn spanish when the verb conjugations give me trouble. learning about women's bodies, children, and cute little things is all the same to me.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
Always so strange to see people so adamant about how they don't want children on a site all about pregnancy and children. I don't want to own a PC so I don't go to PC news websites, that's all I'm sayin' My husband can't be snipped for medical reasons so that leaves me either on BC for the rest of my reproductive life or getting my tubes tied. I would love to do that but read about people that had some bad reactions to it which scares me. At this point though I can't imagine the side effects would be any worse than being on the pill or the mirena that I'm currently using.
foxie foxie 8 years
Chrst- ALL of what you said can be applied to people who DO decide to have children as well. So, how about we all just live with our "mistakes." The difference is that my mistake will be cheaper and less stinky. Yay for me.
Chrstne Chrstne 8 years
I am 22, as I said before. I know I don't want more than 2 kids ever, but I'm not 100% sure I want kids. I think if you're on the fence like me, BC or an IUC is the best option. If you are sure you never want children EVER, then go ahead. I am not sure there are many people in the world who know for 100% certain if they are unmarried/not in a committed relationship that their minds might not change. If you change your mind, and you crave a child, you options are limited as to what you can do about it. It's probably best that you are in a relationship, and two of you decide collectively you either do or do not want kids. I think that when you are 30 and you made a decision of permanence at 22, there is a high likelihood that you will regret it. Age won't change your decision, but maybe life and new experiences and feelings will. For me, I can't opt for that right now, because I'm on the fence. It can go either way. So is my SO. I don't think it's a wise decision. You grow up, your life changes, and your wants and needs change. However, if I'm 30, I have two kids or 1 kid, or no kids at all, and I am happy, and that is what I truly want, no doubts whatsoever by either party, then that is the way to go...hey, it takes the "what ifs" out of BC failing, or missing a pill, or god knows what.
jessielynn657 jessielynn657 8 years
thanks for the support foxie. i look forward to my childless life and i hope you will too! lol i agree with you about the pressure that people put on their argument for having children when they dont respect my argument for not having them.
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