One is not necessarily the loneliest number. Some say there are tremendous perks to having a single child — parents can focus all their attention on that offspring and it's the economical, even green approach to building a family.

According to the US Census Bureau, women approaching the end of their childbearing years in 2004 had an average of 1.9 children, compared with 3.1 twenty years earlier. While the number of children a family decides to have is often made for them due to health issues, others make the choice based on financial factors like ability to provide the best education, world travel and overall experience for their kids.

Women who are not “going for two," often find themselves having to defend their decision to well-meaning friends and family who inquire about sibling expansion. If you are set with a single child, how have you handled the pressure? Or if you never dreamed of having just one kiddo, tell us your reasoning.