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Deep-Voiced 14-Year-Old Sounds Like a Movie Trailer Guy (VIDEO)

Deep-Voiced 14-Year-Old Sounds Like a Movie Trailer Guy (VIDEO)

First your baby cooed, then he babbled. Words emerged, then sentences. He grew, and his voice gradually deepened. Then one day he woke up a teen — with a voice so low he sounded like a movie trailer guy.

That's the story at least for this 14-year-old! You have to listen to believe.

Image Source: via YouTube

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JaneCoulson80649 JaneCoulson80649 5 years
KortniCalloway KortniCalloway 5 years
Holy cow that is crazy!!!!
rachelslivarich rachelslivarich 5 years
is it really him ? just doesnt seem right
keeshalencrerot keeshalencrerot 5 years
like it he will be makin money with that voice
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