Mealtime with munchkins is messy. Lots of moms and dads make dinner only to find it all over the floor, table, and chairs. While parents need to be patient while toddlers figure out how to feed themselves and use utensils, I tested a product that made the situation a lil less sticky.

My Plate-Mate ($8), a circular device that you snap on to any eight-inch plate to shield a portion of the food from spillage. My 19-month-old son tried the mom invention out and it worked well. He's has been independent in his eating for quite some time, but the guard helped him slide small bits of rice and lentils onto his spoon that sometimes slipped off of his plate. And, though our ceramic dinnerware has a scalloped edge, it snapped on securely. The dishwasher-safe attachment is also lead free and does not contain PVC, phthalates, polycarbonates, or bisphenol-a.