Whether nursing or bottle–feeding, it can be tough to get into a comfortable feeding position for baby. Luckily, the Boppy ($35) lessens the task.

A crescent shaped pillow that sits around mum's waist, the Boppy allows ample room for resting elbows. The lil helpers serve other purposes, too. To learn what they are and why Dennis Quaid can't get enough of them,


When your wee one is learning how to be on her belly for the first time, the Boppy gives her tummy time support under the arms allowing her to hold her head up.

As Dennis Quaid learned from his twins, the pillow also helps prop your tot on his back. A huge fan, Quaid told Regis and Kelly that they should make them for adults.

Watch this clip to see the enamored father chat up his children.