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Designated Driving Gone Wrong: 9-Year-Old Drives Dad to Store

 Designated Driving Gone Wrong: 9-Year-Old Drives Dad to Store

Having a designated driver is usually a good idea…but not when the sober person in question is your 9-year-old daughter.

Michigan dad Shawn Weimer faces charges of felony child abuse after his daughter was pulled over for driving a van while in her booster seat – with Weimer in the passenger seat. As USA TODAY reports: “The daughter told officers her father had been drinking whiskey all night, took her out to drive, then decided to stop at the gas station.” Weimer apparently insisted to the arresting officers that it was his right to teach his daughter how to drive.

At a hearing yesterday afternoon, Detroit Free Press reports that several of Weimer’s friends called him a “good father.”


Read the full story here (USA TODAY).

Would you ever teach your pre-teen how to drive?

Image Source: via USA TODAY

ClarissaScott67695 ClarissaScott67695 5 years
Yes by all means teach your children to operate machinery or vehicles that are life threatening. If they are logical and mature enough to grasp and respect all the rules and risks involved. But I WANT A WORD with the drunk excuse for a father. He should be arrested and be given time in jail to kick the habit and realise just how reckless he was with his daugHter. Given a vasectomy and lobotomy. Where is her mother???
AllisonMolsbee AllisonMolsbee 6 years
My mom started teaching me to drive the stick shift when I was 8 but she was certainly not intoxicated!
LindaMurray98107 LindaMurray98107 6 years
If I could drive I would probably teach my child to drive on a private road or something. I drove a small tractor when I was about 11 or 12, however not while I was drunk, not at 3am and not on a public highway. That I would call abuse.
TheresaTowns77912 TheresaTowns77912 6 years
I was 8 when i started to drive on my grandfathers farm. There is no harm in letting them drive in a field where there is no one. I started driving on the street at 10 and drivers liscense at 13 hardship. I have never had accadent i am excelent driver. It all depends on the childs maturity
DoraLoCascioWiggs DoraLoCascioWiggs 6 years
I'm impressed that the dad even had her in a booster seat. Did anyone watch the video and listen to the 911 recording? She is a pretty good driver. I am just glad he wasn't driving.
DoraLoCascioWiggs DoraLoCascioWiggs 6 years
The upside to this story- At least he wasn't one of those parents that decided to drive drunk with his kids in the car.
AndreaJayneAJayJimajayRice AndreaJayneAJayJimajayRice 6 years
if i vould drive, perhaps i may give a 12 year old a lesson in a field or something, as long as they were the responsible kind of child that wouldnt start nicking the car with friends.... =/ but to not only start teaching a child of 9 to drive, for his own selfish needs, but to actually drink whisky all night, let his young dauhgter drive a van at night whislt hes probably paraletic, then to make her drive to a petrol station is fucking insane she could have had a crash into the tanks or something! endangering the lives of others as well as his own daughter! he should be locked up!
JeramieIbrahim JeramieIbrahim 6 years
I was 12 when my dad taught me how to drive, but he wasn't drunk, and it wasn't a beer-run.
JessicaKozel JessicaKozel 6 years
ummm NO?? Thats why they have age requirements to get your license. You start learning then...To be letting a 9 year old drive is just absurd and I hope child protective services gets involved...She could have been seriously injured because of her father's idiocies.
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