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Desperate Dad Uses Public Humiliation as Discipline (VIDEO)

Desperate Dad Uses Public Humiliation as Discipline (VIDEO)

A seventh grader named Michael Bell. Jr. will be spending his spring break on a street corner near his home after bringing home a report card with three failing grades. His teachers told Michael's parents that he is too much of a class clown.

Desperate to reach his son and to keep him "from becoming a statistic," Michael Bell, Sr. opted for this drastic punishment. His seventh grader is now standing on busy North Kendall Drive sporting a sandwich board sign that tells his story and asks passersby an important question "Hey, I want to be a class clown. Is it wrong?" Many are honking back in disapproval.

Is it okay to use shame to teach your child an important lesson?

Image Source: CNN

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KristyElkins KristyElkins 5 years
I think instead of wasting time hiliating his sn for wanting to be the class clown he should spend more time trying to figure out why his son is failing in school. There is nothing wrong with wanting to eb the class clown, but there is very clearly some problems with his grades. As a mother of an autisic boy I can understand how hard it is for him to keep his mind focused on non perfered task. Thankfully we caught it very early before he started school. He was put into a preschool for children with speical needs and later a pure autistc class to help him get through his disablitlies. He is a very bright and very fun loving kindergarden who just loves to laugh. So maybe this boy father should take some time to have his son evaulated. Who knows maybe this kid is bored in school and not beig challenged enough. My husband had a similar problem when he was in school and his grades were affected by it. Ot maybe he d9es have some type of learning disbility. I guess this if eel this dad is taking this to an exterem instead of getting down to the root of the problem.
TeresaRoss8179 TeresaRoss8179 5 years
I think that dad is awesome! He is on that street corner, too. He could be doing something more enjoyable with his time but he chose to stand on the streetcorner with his son and try to change his future to a more positive one. It is obvious that he cares or he wouldn't be there. Stop slamming him for his method and be thankful he is trying to make sure there isn't another high school dropout that is going to be let out on society! GOOD JOB, DAD! HANG IN THERE AND GOD BLESS!
SallyOHehir SallyOHehir 5 years
At least the father is taking steps to teach his son some morals, something beginning to become unheard of. not every child that acts out has learning difficulties, some children just enjoy getting attention!
kim84218 kim84218 5 years
I think that from what I have read from the comments and the article that the teachers are idiots, the parents are clueless, and you have no idea what a learning disability is! Let me enlighten you! This child is crying out for someone to notice him......I am dyslexic, not discovered until the eighth grade! I was thought to be lazy, stupid, dumb all of those names coming from my parents! There are many forms of dyslexia, some common knowledge, and some not so common! Maybe instead of humiliating the child the parents should have taken the time to find out why their son has a learning problem, the teachers should have taken the time to discover why this child feels the need to act out, and you the people who encouraged this outlandish punishment should think outside the box.....through extensive work I was a A student all through high school!
JessieSanchez JessieSanchez 5 years
Go Dad! Bravo. I love how people judge this dad whithou knowing his situation. He obviously cares about how his son does in school, or he would have reacetd like so many other loser parents and done nothing. As far as I'm concerned he foudn a creative, relavant ( the kids likes attention in school when he shouldn't be getting it) punishment and I think it's great. Some day when his kid is making 6 figures he'll look back and thank his dad for being hard on him!
Malaysia Malaysia 5 years
Someone made the comment the child is a reflection of their parents and that is true but what if his dad is a single parent and had to work and could not spend that quality time during study time? My parents did not have to hold my hand for me to do my work they asked me if I did my work and how was school going and as long as I wasnt bring home bad grades they left me alone. I wasnt a bad child and we spent "time" together anyway. Too much time would have been annoying and probably would have made me stray away from them. He knows his child better than anyone and maybe nature and nuture works for your child but maybe that doesnt work for his child. Give the man a break raise yours how you want and he'll raise his how he wants. If he beat him half to death or kicked him out of the house or something then you same ones saying he is oh so wrong would be crying about that too.
Malaysia Malaysia 5 years
I think this dad did the right thing. I read over a few comments and some I totally disagreed with but its their opinion so.....Anywho, I'm glad there are parents out here that care and dont just use taking things away for a day or two or spanking as the ONLY punishment. He really cares about his son and for those who talk bad about his choice of discipline ask yourself what would you do with your teenager? Talk to them? HAHAHA let me tell ya talking does one thing GO IN ONE EAR AND OUT THE OTHER, and I'm sure he already did that throughout the semester. This was a message to his son and I can bet you a $100 he won't bring home 3 failing grades anymore. Whenever he goes to acting out his classmates and teachers will be quick to remind him of his embarrassing moment and he will straighten up. This dad is on his son's case and I hope he stay's on it until he grows up and becomes a responsible adult. This child will be thankful for this tough love in the future, and who knows he maybe able to use some of these lessons on his children. Kudos to you dad!!!!!!!!
VeronicaDavidovich VeronicaDavidovich 5 years
I love when people use today's vernacular, like 'quality time'. The ironic thing is that coming UP with those words is why we have these stupid problems in the first place. As a kid, I would have resented my mom for saying, "Let's have some QUALITY TIME together!" It's placation and turning a fun time into a class/subdivision. Kids aren't stupid. They'll see right through our little acts and tips their moms get from daytime talk shows. Me, I follow George Carlin's ideas on discipline, which reflects what this dad did. He sent a no-bullocks message to his son, and those grades are gonna go up. I predict he'll thank his dad one day. My own mother grounded me an entire school term (translating to 2 1/2-3 months) if I got a D. Not even failing, a *D*. While I still feel it was extreme, I don't have "failing self-esteem" or "post-traumatic stress disorder". Do I agree with it entirely? No. I don't think I could do it. But then again, I'm doing my best to make SURE my son's doing the right thing. He's autistic and needs a lot of extra time and attention, but he's smarter than he lets on. I can tell when it's an autistic-meltdown or when he's just being a pain. I leave him alone, let him play outside with some toys, or sticks and dirt, instead of arranging PLAY DATES and EDUCATIONAL AC-TI-VI-TIES. It's funny, because all of the modern-day parents who do that junk can't keep their supposed "normal" kids under control, while my son has loads of patience and understanding; almost never causes a fuss. We're treating kids like dolls, people; as Carlin, again, said, "Wanna know how to help your kids LEAVE THEM THE F*&K ALONE."
TammyMosby TammyMosby 5 years
This might seem like a drastic thing to do but with not being able to spank ,time out being useles what else is left.we have a generation of kids that cannot read, don't think school is important, don't realy care about getting a job when their adults. I feel so bd when I'm old cause this will be the generation taking care of me.
TracieDumm TracieDumm 5 years
Um, with three failing grades, wouldn't his Spring Break be better spent studying? That seems a more logical and natural consequence for goofing off in school. Intentional humiliation? I know that wouldn't work on me. It would only make me feel like the adult in charge of me didn't care about my dignity, would make me feel bad about myself, and wouldn't motivate me one bit to work hard in school. We need to teach by example. Stripping someone of their dignity is no way to teach them anything. (except how to have no dignity) Sad. My daughter recently brought home some C's that really should have been A's. Turns out she was skipping homework. She had to buckle down and do double homework for two weeks to catch up and get those grades back in line. She learned her lesson without losing her self worth. I think more parents need to discipline with their brains and their hearts, not just their anger and frustration. Good luck to them both.
annawilson43490 annawilson43490 5 years
This kid shamed himself with that report card! Good job Dad!
jenniferfaugno jenniferfaugno 5 years
i think this is a great thing you have helped me i am having the same stuff going on with my 6th grade girl so thanks for the idea
TriciaRidder TriciaRidder 5 years
Awesome job dad! We need more parents like this guy who is not afraid to discipline their child. He obviously knew this type of punishment would get the kid's attention. As for the shame question: isn't it better that this kid learn a lesson in 7th grade than later in life where he might end up being the statistic his father is afraid of him becoming? Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them. (Proverbs 13:24 NIV)
FerozaMahommed FerozaMahommed 5 years
I agree with this Dad, I have a grade 9 son who has been the class clown for the past three years. I have had enough! It's our responsibility to teach our children the lessons of life before life does it to them! Way to go Dad! I did the same.
JennellGilli JennellGilli 5 years
I have to say "great job dad." When we have parents who are trying to do what they can to keep their child on the right path it becomes media blast but when we have the parents who could care less we don't hear nothing about them. If this is what it takes to make that child (or other children) realize they need to get better and/or do better than go for it. It is coming to the point where the way we discipline our children is being taken out of our hands. I say better the father doing what he has to do then the system getting a hold of him.
LizDenning LizDenning 5 years
why do people think the worse of parents how do they know what this child is going though. yes some children dont get the love and support unless you know the family i think its wrong to be judgemental on them. we can only hope that this action has been taking after everythink else hope it works for them
JenniferBrown30755 JenniferBrown30755 5 years
Its not like the child doesn't have a choice to bring up his grades...
JaniceColeman55042 JaniceColeman55042 5 years
Im so sick of people being overly worried about a child's self esteem. Yes, of course we need to build our children up and make them feel good but there are time when they need to learn a lesson. So sick of the parents who say "Its okay honey, do whatever you want, your the best!" Seriously, people this will not permanently scar this teen. Most likely he will realize his errors and that his parents really do care about him by striving to make him into productive adult.
JenniferHornyak JenniferHornyak 5 years
This isn't cruelty, its called tough love! This is a father who loves his son and cares about his future. When its all said and his son will know dad means businesses and will respect him all the more. Well done dad!
LaetitiaKergozou LaetitiaKergozou 5 years
I have no experience as a mother. I only have a 4 year old daughter. But i truly believe we have to be an example for our child, event when we choose punishment. And THIS is an example of cruelty. I truly believe we can always find an other solution than humiliation, cruelty and suffering. As a parent, we have to be imaginative AND nice.
HeidiMarley HeidiMarley 5 years
This is the type of punishment used by West African parents. Trust me, if you saw the level of respect and discipline among West African youth, you wouldn't doubt such strict parenting measures.
KiendaMurry KiendaMurry 5 years
I agree with the dad. I have a 6th grade class clown myself. He receives time, affection, encouragement,praise,love, told the importance of an education n the benefits of having one and etch. But still choses to act different them he is shown in school. Sometimes parents can talk until they are blue in the face and a child will still do the opposite. Drastic measures are needed sometimes from people that a child knows love them n help them change there ways.
PeggyJohnson91478 PeggyJohnson91478 5 years
I grew up in the country with a very country dad and to me yes. If it teaches them a lesson then yes its fine. They need to understand there are consequences for their actions and sadly too many parents don't do this or don't care enough to do this. I'm a tough mom. Period. If my daughter starts acting out in 7th or 8th grade, yep she'll be taking a trip to juvey to see where her decisions may land her. She needs to understand the severity of each decision she makes. that dad is a good dad.
MelissaCzemerda MelissaCzemerda 5 years
That definitely is tough love. Hard to say if it's warranted not personally knowing the family. Hopefully it works and has a positive outcome for everyone involved.
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