Just when you think the world couldn't get more out of whack, Dina Lohan is being honored for her maternal instincts?

According to an article in OK! the hard partying redhead responsible for raising Hollywood wild child, Lindsay and wanna-be-star in the making, Ali has been named one of Long Island’s Top 20 Moms by Mingling Moms.

To see how Dina earned the award,

. The story said:

“We’re just honoring celebrities' moms on Long Island,” a spokesperson from Mingling Moms tells OK!. “It’s something for Mother’s Day. It’s a list of mothers from Long Island who have raised superstar children.”

Dina, mama of three will be in good company when she attends the ceremony as other honorees include the mother of the Baldwin brothers, Billy Joel's mom and Natalie Portman's mom.