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Diaper Genie Garbage Bag Hack

If You F*cking Hate Dealing With Diaper Genie Bags, This Dad's Hack Is For You

Diaper Genie Users: save the blue ring and use your own trash bags - we've saved a lot of money with this one! from lifehacks

Attention all Diaper Genie users who have had more than one frustrating encounter with the contraption's unruly blue bags: your days of cursing out the stinky, tubular device are over. Thanks to one dad, Reddit user UncoolDad31, you can all now slam your palms into your faces as you marvel at this simple time- and money-saving hack.

Accompanying a photo of his own Diaper Genie, the dad wrote, "Diaper Genie users: save the blue ring and use your own trash bags — we've saved a lot of money with this one!"

In the photo, the dad demonstrates how to use a regular garbage bag in your own Diaper Genie rather than the ones that are meant to be purchased with the product: place the bag into the can, then wrap the top of the bag over the top of the opening as you would with any garbage can. Place one of the leftover plastic blue rings from the Diaper Genie bag refills over the top of the bag opening, reattach the lid, and throw away diapers as usual.


So simple. So genius. So much less of a clusterf*ck.

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