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Diaper Thieves Caught After Multiple Heists

Diaper Thieves Caught After Multiple Heists

Puyallup Police in Washington state have caught a group of thieves who were stealing large amounts of diapers and laundry detergent from Safeway and WalMart.

Watch the video to find out what they were doing with so many diapers — and how they were finally caught.

For the whole story, visit>>

What would you do if you noticed someone leave a store without paying?

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LindaE29364 LindaE29364 4 years
I wish they were my town so I could buy them half price! Pampers are expensive!
CoMMember13631166098074 CoMMember13631166098074 4 years
i think it would have been better if they were donating them to a better cause haha but stealing is bad I know Im gonna have a baby soon and I just wish that i had more money for dippers i think they are way over priced
AdrienneSherman37069 AdrienneSherman37069 4 years
@ beverley NO they dont! the only things that sound the alarms are electronics, movies/video games, and things that have a device on them. in grocery stores most stuff doesn't set off the alarm. these stores do have poor security if no associate noticed this TWICE! now Walmart has done away with "greeters"people are taking advantage. these people obviously have no moral code and don't think about the consequences of them stealing because they are making the prices go up for everyone else!
Bernadette77873 Bernadette77873 4 years
I got stopped for having 2 boxes in my cart one time. I purchase two at a time, one for home and one for daycare so I don't have to lug it back and forth all the time and they get away with this?
BeverleyJudkins BeverleyJudkins 4 years
I'd go tell a clerk very quickly if I was sure someone went out of the store without paying for a cartload of detergent, diapers or toilet paper. How can they do this? Doesn't the security machine sound out when it happens?
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