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Did Having Kids Make You Less Happy?

Did Having Kids Make You Less Happy?

Which makes you happier: Taking a spontaneous vacation or hearing your child's first words? Staying up until 3 a.m. with your friends or snuggling all night with your child?

Writer Jessica Ashley sometimes wishes "for the chance to just take off -- to Greece, to Mt. McKinley...heck, just to the grocery store."

Read Were You Happier Before You Had Kids?

Were you happier before you had kids?

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Antes de tener a mis hijo s eran normalmente feliz...pero despues de tenerlos empece a ser super feliz..porq aprendi. A apreciar mas la vida y a quererla, a tener mas fe ,amor a Dios y asi poderle dar mas amor a mis hijos, que de un bolso coach q queria comprarme paso a ser juguetes para mis hijos...sin importarme , aprendi a q las cosas materiales eran lo menos iimportantes en esta vida..q la verdadera felicidad para mi es poder estar con mis hijos y ellos conmigo y sobre todo verlos sonreir y felices a cada felicidad q me dan mis hijos no la cambio pot todos los miillones del mundo....te amo vasilis y stelitsa...gracias Dios x mis bebes
SimoneMcSweeney SimoneMcSweeney 6 years
Having kids did not make me less happy. Having kids has made me realize the real importance of life. The real stuff does not make you jump for joy every day, but the joy in what I have sits in my heart each and every day that I have my two beautiful children and a family I can look back on and say that I have experienced life. My smile is in my heart when it's not on my face. A serious face is an important part of family life... or my kids would laugh at my efforts to discipline them!!
StephanieSheppard StephanieSheppard 6 years
I wouldnt trade being a mom for anything in the world!My kids are my reason for getting up everyday because I have built my life around them.Sure it would be nice to be able to travel somewhere but what it one week of fun compared to a lifetime of happiness.
CandaceLouie CandaceLouie 6 years
Well, before my daughter and before I met her father, I did enjoy it but there were times of boredom and didn't know what to do, I was still living at my sisters not thinking of getting a job and now that my daughter will be 3 in august, I live on my own without my sisters or parents helping me, in my own home with my daughter and her father and we are still together and having her has given me more happiness and more responsibilties and helped me grow up and want to do more of my life with them in my life and nothing can replace what they have given me =)
MistyGreer MistyGreer 6 years
Several things make people happy - for me personally my babies make me the happiest. I love snuggling with them and teaching them new things, and don't mind holding a sick baby all night long. That's what I was called to do - to be a Mommy so that's what makes me happy. :)
KathrinLotz KathrinLotz 6 years
I've never been happier than when my son was born. Having him has finally given my life purpose and I'd take staying home and cuddling with him than going out with friends any given day!
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