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Did You Imagine Yourself Having a Different Life?

In the poignant film Revolutionary Road, Kate Winslet plays April Wheeler, a young woman who falls in love, marries, becomes a mother and moves to the suburbs only to find herself yearning for more. The 1950s housewife never imagined herself in the life she is living. Did you end up in the situation you dreamed or something different?

AnniGal AnniGal 8 years
My life is exactly how I imagined it as a teen and child. I wanted to be happy, get an education, have a great career, travel the world, and have interesting hobbies and passions. I am 36 years old, I am married to an amazing man who not only carrier 50% of all housework, he also shares my love for travel, food, and adventure. We both have this amazing life we have built, no suburb normal life here, we are on the edge and having a hell of a good time.
macchiatolove macchiatolove 8 years
This is not where I imagined I'd be, but I am happy, and like some of the others said, that's the bit that matters. It's funny how one little step pushes you toward a place you never even thought of being.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
I think if I would have been single in my early 20's I would have had the time to day dream up a reality that I wanted. I got together with my first husband at 18 so I didn't really have a life track of my own, all my dreams revolved around him. The odd thing was I couldn't imagine us old together. I guess that is good since it didn't work out. ;-) I am happier than I have ever been. I guess in a way you can say that I ended up in a situation that is VERY different than what I thought I was getting as I thought just existing was being happy. We didn't fight but we didn't have this bond and mesh so well together as I do with my husband now.
buffyanne buffyanne 8 years
As a teenager, yes, I imagined a very different life for myself. I took some risks and am glad I ended up in a different place, though. This is where I want to be.
psterling psterling 8 years
In my younger days I had a different idea of where I saw myself from day to day. I can't really say its similar or dissimilar to how I imagined it but I'm very happy and that's the most important part.
mstrauss mstrauss 8 years
I never really had a "life I imagined," but things are pretty much the way I expected and I love it. I could never picture who I would marry, where I would live, etc. Every time I thought about it, a different image would come to my head because it is pretty impossible to predict your future. I am so happy with the way things are going so far and have no hidden dreams that I can't make come true within my means.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 8 years
My life is pretty much how I imagined it. But there are still times when I long for something different, but not in a bad way. It's not like I want to pick up and leave my family, I just like change and I seek it out at times. And 99.9% of the time the change I seek still involves my husband and children. The remaining fraction of a percentage are things that I want to do just for myself as an individual and doesn't mean I don't love or don't want my family as part of my life. It just means I have individual goals and dreams as well as the ones that involve my family.
momma-tikita momma-tikita 8 years
My life is not what I expected at all! Especially living in New Jersey instead of Miami. But I would change it for anything in the world.
meandtheo meandtheo 8 years
my life has turned out a lot differently then i imagined...and i wouldn't change a thing!
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
i thought i'd LOVE my husbands family and we would all be together a lot and raise our kids together. maybe because i was an only child i wanted that big family feel for my kids. other than that, it's pretty good.
vmruby vmruby 8 years
No....My entire life, except for a slight dark period with my health at the moment,is much more happier and fulfilled than I ever imagined it would turn out to be.I wouldn't change a thing.
Greggie Greggie 8 years
I am really good where I am. Sure, little details aren't quite what I thought they would be, but are they ever? I can't even begin to imagine life with a different husband and kids, and wouldn't want to.
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