Did You Tune In to the Series Finale of Jon and Kate Plus 8?

Last night marked the end of an era for one of TV's most talked about families. The series finale of Jon and Kate Plus 8 aired after five seasons on TLC and showed the separated couple striving to be single parents. While this past year has been filled with loud headlines about the bunch, the show went out on a high note — reminding viewers that at the end of the day, it was about the great eight kids Jon and Kate had together. We've followed the crew's moves on and off the small screen for years so we were sad to see the show end. Did you tune in to bid adieu to the family?

Share your reaction to the finale in the comments below. For a bittersweet look back at photos of the family and episode recaps and quizzes from this past season,


Jon and Kate Plus 8: "School Days" episode

Jon and Kate Plus 8: "Time to Organize" episode

Jon and Kate Plus 8: "Tea Party & Snakes" episode

Jon and Kate Plus 8: "Farm to Table" episode

Jon and Kate Plus 8: "Dude Ranch and Dress Up" episode

Jon and Kate Plus 8: "Battleship and Barber" episode

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Photos courtesy of TLC

well said, smileyface! i totally agree with everything you wrote. :)
I did watch it although I hadn't been watching the new episodes this season. I loved this family and this show. I think its really sad that it had to end this way, although it probably isn't such a bad thing that its gone. The Gosselins have gotten a lot of scrutiny lately due to all of the tabloid drama. And I think a lot of the people that criticize them and talk badly about them are people who were not fans from the beginning, back when the show first started and they had nothing. If you watch their first specials and first couple of seasons you see the kids so cute and tiny and you see Jon and Kate both going to work and dealing with that and raising their family. Yes, they not only act differently and look differently than they did in the beginning, but that is part of the progression of the show and as it did well in the ratings, they were able to do more and afford more things. And Kate is absolutely right when she says that they did 4 seasons without the paparazzi and all of the other families that have shows on TLC are able to live their lives without all of the media scrutiny. Unfortunately all of this started when Jon was seen out publicly doing things he shouldn't have been doing. And even if he and Kate were already separated and technically he wasn't cheating, only they knew that, so Jon should have acted with more caution and been more responsibIe. I will miss seeing the Gosselin children grow up because they were all cute and adorable and I hope that TLC stays involved some way and we get to see them in a few years and how they have grown.
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