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Which Parent Influenced Your Parenting Style?

Many factors come into play when it comes to shaping a person's parenting style. One's own youth and primary role models typically have a major impact on what kind of parent someone will be. Dads who attend every soccer game and offer a shoulder to cry on will be revered in their child's eye, as will mums who pack lunches and lend an ear for listening to problems. Parenting is a way of life to adults and also a lesson to their offspring. While my dad and I have a wonderful relationship, it is my mother's style that I strive to emulate with my own kids. Which parent has influenced your parenting style the most?

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TracyStuart TracyStuart 4 years
My mother was smothering and hovering. Even at 34 years old, married for 12 years with a teenager and a toddler in tow, she still insists that I call her when I get home and when I leave the house (which I STILL don't do). She feels money is a replacement for spending time together. Like if I really need something, she is no where to be found with excuses why she can't be there but there will be a wad of money shoved at me to "help" me. Like calling when I am sick and saying I am way too sick one day to run after my toddler (throwing up/fever/etc). Asked if she could come watch her while I slept for a few hours. Nope, no where around but she wanted to give me $100 so I could go to the doctor and get medicines to help me. She's not a horrible mother but it took me many years to realize that this is just who she is. My dad wasn't very involved but had an authority that my mother lacked. I was never afraid of my mom but have always been more cautious with my dad. He will tell me when I step out of line or do something he disapproves of. I think I emulate him more (unconsciously). I am more involved than he was, but my kids are given a lot of space to do what they want/need to. I want them to test their boundaries and see what they are capable of. But if they are getting themselves into something too deep, I am there to put up a fence and say NO.
lframe lframe 7 years Grandmother did.
Pallas-Athena Pallas-Athena 7 years
Both my parents have influenced me and there are certain things that they did that I won't do with my children, but no one is perfect. I believe they did a great job raising my siblings and me.
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 7 years
I haven't really chosen one or the other. I feel my parents did the best they could, but I don't want to raise my children the way they raised us. I have read lots of stuff on parenting seen parents in action and then do what I feel is best. My parents really just stepped aside and let my sis and I do whatever warning us that their are good and bad consequences to your actions. That's great and all but I wish they were more involved with us growing up.
queenegg queenegg 7 years
I'd choose my Dad because he was so hands off that I could make my own choices and learn from them. It has really benefited me in the long run. However, I must say that my mom has influenced me because I want to never be as horrible as a mother as she has been to my sibs and I.
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