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Different Types of Mom Friends

Which Friend Is Most Important to You?

Every friend serves a different purpose. When a lady's got a secret that she doesn't ever want out, she'll find her most trusted confidant. If she's locked out of the house, she'll call her most responsible pal — the one she trusted with a key. The time arrives for a crazy night out on the town and she rings the rowdiest gal to rally the troops. But when pregnancy enters the picture, mama's got a whole new Rolodex. That's not to say she'll ditch her old buds, but chances are, she'll add to her flock of friends.

  • Experienced Emma: When stretch marks start to appear, she can look to her "already been there and done that" chum.
  • Sassy Susi: Curious about which stroller to buy, she can reach out to her knowledgeable and trendspotting comrade.
  • Honest Abby: If she wants to know the good, the bad, and the ugly of labor and parenting, she can call her most honest ally.
  • Calming Connie: When mommy is about to lose her cool, she can call this soothing voice to talk her down.
  • Organized Olivia: Want to know what to buy for the nursery or which schools to apply to? Call this woman for an Excel spreadsheet that breaks down all the must-haves and maps to find them.
  • Funny Frieda: Every mum needs a good chuckle from time to time. Whether it's discussing poop or dishing on celebrity gossip, mommy needs a lighthearted friend that can share a laugh.

There are all sorts of friends to be had out there, and in the best case scenario, every mother has one of each to help her wade through the waters of motherhood. While they are all important, which one do you rely on most?

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