Forget Disneyland, Head to Diggerland!

Have a lil fan of Bob the Builder? Britain's Diggerland would be right up his alley. Like America's Disneyland, Diggerland is a theme park where children and adults can spend a day entertaining themselves on rides and other activities. Only instead of singing mice and princesses being the main attraction, dump trucks and diggers are the premier event. Strictly supervised jaunts on working machines can teach youngsters all about the mechanics of cranes, tractors, and other construction devices. When they tire of driving the machines, they can ride in a crane-like roller coaster or race through the Diggerland Grand Prix.

Not nearly as pricey as Disneyland, a ticket to Diggerland is $23 for ages 3 and up. Next time you hop over the pond, make a quick trip to Diggerland for an out-of-this-world — I mean, country — experience.