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Diners Write Letter to Mom of Baby Who Ruined Their Dinner

When Diners Accused an Infant of Ruining Their Meal, This Mom Spoke Up

Taking an infant to a restaurant is never an easy feat, but there comes a time with new parents just can't eat another meal at home. They hope — and pray — that their child behaves and that their fellow diners cut them some slack. But for a Nampa, ID, mom, that was far from the case.

On Saturday, Katie Leach was dining at a Texas Roadhouse with her family — including her 10-month-old son, Drew — when a woman walked over and slammed a note on their table. The note read, "Thank you for ruining our dinner with your screaming kid! Sincerely, The Table Behind You."

Leach shared the note on KTVB's Facebook page explaining that she purposely chose a noisy restaurant and that her son had recently discovered his vocal chords. "He honestly sounds like a [Pterodactyl] kind of dinosaur . . . He will yell when I tell him no, when he's super excited and happy or just for no reason at all. I'm doing my best to teach him indoor voice and to not yell back at me when telling him no, etc. But he is only 10 (almost 11 months) and LEARNING."


She says she tried to explain the situation to the author of the note, but the woman quickly retorted, "I have kids and grandkids, and let me tell you none of them ever behave like THAT."

When Leach informed the restaurant manager about the situation, he sympathized with the mother. He told the older diners they could finish their meal but had to leave quietly and then comped Leach for her meal and welcomed her family back in the future.

The entire situation has sparked debate about taking kids to restaurants and what should be expected of them. Where do you fall?

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