Mommy Dearest –

I had a rather embarrassing incident happen last week and it still has me reeling. After feeding my baby at a local restaurant, I stood up to start burping her right at my table. Before I knew what was happening, my daughter had spit up all over the table behind us. To make matters worse, much of it had landed on a patron's suede jacket. I immediately apologized profusely and offered to pay the cleaning bill for the jacket, but the fellow diner could not be calmed down. She kept muttering that this is why kids should be kept out of restaurants (mind you it was a very family-friendly establishment). I kept apologizing, but there was nothing I could say to calm her down. Other than paying the cleaning bill, what else could I have done?

– Embarrassed Mommy

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Embarrassed Mommy –

While I understand your fellow patron's immediate response – no one wants to be covered in a baby's spit-up, particularly when it's not even their lil one – it sounds like she definitely overreacted to the situation. If the establishment really was as child-friendly as you say, then diners should expect tots of all ages to be there and for the noise and commotion that comes with that. Offering to pay the cleaning bill, cleaning up the actual mess, and, if their entire meal was ruined, possible paying for their meal should be sufficient enough to make up for the incident.

– Mommy Dearest

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