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Dirty Diaper Dancing: When Dad Won't Do Diapers

Dirty Diaper Dancing: When Dad Won't Do Diapers

Dirty Diaper Dancing: When Dad Won't Do Diapers

Consider yourself lucky if your child’s dad does diaper duty. In India, 86 percent of dads say they would never touch a diaper because it’s women’s work.

According to a survey* of 8,000 men and 3,500 women in Brazil, Croatia, Chile, India, Mexico, and Rwanda,  statistics on the issue of male participation in household duties from these six developing countries are pretty sobering. It's not only diapers that men shy away from, it's childcare in general. In Rwanda, 61 percent of the men surveyed consider it to be a women’s duty.

Gasp all you want, American moms, but these gender disparities, especially in diaper changing, hit closer to home than you might think. The question of who changes the diapers – and more to the point, who won't – is a hot topic in the Circle of Moms Children of 2006 community.


My husband hates changing our daughter’s diapers,” says Kim B. “Especially when they are more than wet. But he also isn’t her biological dad and I cut him some slack because of it. However, when we have our own children, I know he will have a problem with it and make up any excuse to not have to do it.

Erin L. says her husband started out with good intentions but pooped out on the diaper changing a month after their son was born: “He seemed to get hit with a lot of poopy diapers and he essentially stopped,” she reports. “He only changes if I’m away or I complain enough. I think my mom said my dad rarely ever changed them too.”

Lynette B. may have put it best when she said, “I think dads should change diapers. I don’t see why it should be any different for the dad then the mother. Who ‘enjoys’ changing diapers? I don’t know of anyone who jumps up and says ‘oh please, please, please can I change the next one"

So moms, how do you get dads to become part of the changing crew?


The International Men and Gender Equality Survey was coordinated by the Washington D.C.-based International Center for Research on Women and Brazil’s Instituto Promundo.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, POPSUGAR.

Join The Conversation
SunshineRichards SunshineRichards 5 years
My husband helps me with the dirty butts!!
my husa
TamaraConnatser TamaraConnatser 5 years
Usually I take care of diaper duty. Between my husband's crazy sleep schedule and the tot having mommy attachment I usually just simply am around more and notice it first. Otherwise he spends a lot of time with the little guy and does change him while I am away and plays with him. So while I cannot do the heavy lifting as much (Arthritis is a mood killer lemme tell you) I can do the diapers. So he takes care of heavy play and toting the tot and I take care of toting the poop. It all works out in the end :) As long as we share responsibilities as a whole it doesn't bother me that I do one thing while he handles another.
CoMMember13627086737123 CoMMember13627086737123 6 years
Don't try to change the husband. Choose the right one in the first place: one that doesn't need changing.
NikkiRussell10604 NikkiRussell10604 6 years
That was one of the few things my husband DID do for the baby was diapers. Somehow snored thorough every late night though :-D
CoMMember13628119729386 CoMMember13628119729386 6 years
have children w those men who aren't so delicate? lame. My husband saw a video of a man who was troubled by a diaper change and vowed not to be such a primadonna about diaper changes, and was downright embarrassed for that lame excuse for a dad. Shame on those dads!
KittyMcBane KittyMcBane 6 years
I was also lucky in the sense that when my husband wasn't at work and was home he would change diapers as often as I did. Because I spent more time with our daughter naturally a lot of that stuff fell back on me, but I never minded it because he was very attentive with her when he was home. Whoever noticed her diaper needed to be changed, changed it.
ChristinPohland ChristinPohland 6 years
We have a 18 months old daughter and expecting the 2nd one in September. I know my Hubby will be as good with the new baby as he is now! He changes diapers in the evening if he is home, ... he does everything possible to get some time for the last hours of the day to be with his daughter! He is a great dad!
DanielleBitto DanielleBitto 6 years
I was very lucky, as the oldest of 5, my husband was used to doing his share of the work, including changing diapers. I sometimes have to ask him to do change a stinky diaper if I'm busy. But for the most part, whoever notices it, changes it! It's definitely not 50/50 overall, but I've always been around the kids more since he works 2 jobs!
ShellyElchert ShellyElchert 6 years
I'm very blessed, there isn't anything my husband refuses to do. He jumps right in and handles anything, most of the time without being asked to.
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