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Why Disciplining Children Is Way Easier Said Than Done

Jun 30 2014 - 6:44am

Something I was completely unprepared for was how hard disciplining my kiddos would be . . . on me! A wise person once told me that when you chose to discipline, you choose your children over yourself — but holy cow, it can be difficult! Simply teaching them the proper ways to act or not act (that is, if you want them to grow up to be functioning adults) is not nearly as easy as it sounds. Know what I mean? Then check out a few reasons discipline might just be a bit harder on the parents than it is on the kids.

Source: Flickr user Francisco Carbajal [1]

Crying It Out Is Difficult

If you've ever let your child cry it out in hopes of teaching them to fall asleep on their own, then you've experienced firsthand how hard discipline can be. No parent likes to hear their child cry, but sometimes we struggle through it for a saner way of life down the line (and glorious sleep).

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A Hungry Child Is an Ornery One

The food battle with small children [3] is a never-ending one, but sometimes it means taking the food away ("Fine, then no dinner!") or holding your ground ("No dinner, no dessert!") that gets the job done. Problem is, have you ever dealt with a hungry child? Not exactly the most reasonable person on earth.

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Time-Out Is Tiring

. . . And I'm not talking about it being tiring for your tot. A strong-willed kid can give a parent a run for her money when trying to get him to stay put in time-out for the designated period of time. Parents have to stay consistent, and if your child really doesn't want to be in time-out, let me tell you: this is no easy task.

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Taking Toys Away Has Its Drawbacks

Often parents need to remove an offending toy (something that's been thrown, something that's a favorite, etc.) and doing so can send your little one into a tailspin. Sure, it would be a lot easier on mom and dad to just give the plaything back, but sticking to your guns gets the message across (as painful as it may be).

Source: Flickr user Joe Lipson [6]

Public Displays of Discipline

Nothing is worse than having to discipline your child in the presence of onlookers who are also complete strangers — and seemingly judging your every move. The thing is that if you shy away from keeping your kiddos in check when you leave the house, they'll know that's the time to take advantage of mama.

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Park Drama

Many a mama uses the park (or the threat of not going to the park) as a tool in the discipline game. While this method is very effective, it also means that mama now has to deal with a pretty worked-up, pissed-off kid at home.

Source: Flickr user Nathan Jones [8]

Errands Take Much Longer

A temperamental child can make getting a few errands done a real challenge. How many times can one mama leave the grocery store in order to put her child into time-out in the car? As many as it takes, girl! Saddle up — you'll get that shopping done eventually.

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Canceling Playdates Stinks For Everyone

There comes a time when a parent has to take a stand with an unruly tot and cancel a much-anticipated playdate. The issue here is that parents often look forward to playdates as much as their children (if not more so) and having to cancel them is a big bummer.

Source: Flickr user Gideon [10]

No TV, No Downtime

In my house, I allow my kids a little bit of time to watch a little TV (go ahead, judge me). They love it, and so do I because it allows me to shower, pay bills, or whatever. Sometimes, though, I have to remove their TV rights, and while it's usually a worthy cause, it makes for a long afternoon.

Source: Flickr user Michael Bentley [11]

Early to Bed? Not as Easy as It Sounds

Telling kids that their bad behavior has won them a trip straight to bed sounds good in theory, but can be a completely different story in execution. Not only do you have to get the offender to actually go to bed (and fall asleep) early, you also have to understand that your well-rested child will probably rise well before his normal wake-up time.

Source: Flickr user Mith Huang [12]

Kids Can Say Mean Things

Phrases like "I hate you!" or "you are so mean!" are gut-wrenching, but are completely common words that can come from the mouth of babes who are being disciplined. As a parent, it hurts (so much for being the cool mom), but you cannot let statements and words get in the way of what needs to be done.

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Taking a Gadget Away? Welcome to Hell

The digital age has made discipline a little more difficult. Kids are addicted to their electronics and taking them away angers them (but can be effective in teaching them a lesson). And it's never worse than when that action needs to be taken against a raging, hormonal teen. I've even heard stories of kids standing at the foot of their parents' beds, saying on repeat, "Can I have my phone back now?" for hours (hours!). Just cover your ears and keep your eye on the ball, parents: this is for the greater good!

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