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Discover Your Parenting Style

Could You Parent the Way French Moms Do?

You've met the Tiger Mother and the Free-Range Mom, but now there's a new maman in town.

When American journalist Pamela Druckerman had her baby in Paris, she became acutely aware of the parallel parenting universe that exists there and turned her experience into a book. Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting (out today) explores the decidedly more laid-back French approach to child rearing. Parental guilt is almost nonexistent in France, and weekends are dictated by what mom and dad want to do, as opposed to soccer games and birthday parties.

Wondering where you fall on the parenting spectrum? Take our quick quiz, and find out which parenting style suits you best.

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Pixie63 Pixie63 5 years
Wisdom? Lol! I am really surprised, I am married to a French and I have been living in France for four years and definitely, neither my hubbie nor I consider them as an example at all. What I have observed is that Mom's are very busy with themselves, their Psychology magazines and their shopping, not parenting and as a result of this lack of attention they become problematic teens and adults (so narcissistic and negative!!!). Kids manners are terrible at the basic level: eating with their mouth open, interrupting adult conversations, talking back to their parents and showing no respect for the elderly. Outside the schools or the malls, you can see an 11 year old girls dressed like street workers, smoking and French kissing their "boyfriend"... so where is the "good parenting"? The kids move in with their boyfriends/girlfriends at a very young age (I met an 18 year old buy who had already lived with three girlfriends), they are not encouraged to look for something more in life like attending university or traveling. I do believe you shouldn't be slave to your kid but you must guide them and help them learn how to make good decisions. And I find US and Canadian Mom's do a better job in that!!!
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