To keep the skies friendly, parents usually arm themselves with diapers, wipes and cream for unpredictable messy moments when traveling. Before boarding, many moms rush to the nearest bathroom for a quick last minute change that will hopefully (and doubtfully) last the duration of the flight.

Only the lucky few escape without at least one diaper change on board. When that not so magical moment arrives, a mother must decide her fate: change on the seat, floor, or across the trays — yes, some people do that. It seems that the most logical option would be the changing table in the bathroom. But what happens when there's no changing table in the lavatory? Such is the dilemma that many jet-setting mommies are finding themselves in lately.

Most airlines have updated fleets that now include changing tables in their lavatories. However, there are still some older birds that have yet to be babyproofed. In those cases, a parent must decide: floor, seats, lap or table trays (yick). How do you change your tot up in the air?