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Disney Channel Pulls Insensitive Video

Disney Pulls Episode After Backlash

The Disney Channel needs to do a better job of self-censorship, according to a Pennsylvania mom. That's because the channel recently insulted her children and others who suffer from celiac disease, says mom Amy Raslevich.

In a recent On-Demand episode of the show Jessie, a boy named Stuart who is sensitive to gluten has pancakes thrown in his face and is portrayed as annoying, the Huffington Post reports. When Raslevich and her two children (who have celiac disease) viewed the video, "There were tears in my daughter's eyes, and my son's fist was clenched," she told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Disney is a trusted brand among parents and kids, so the company needs to be more conscientious, Raslevich notes. By airing the video, "Disney gave children permission, and an example, to further isolate my children and others like them because of their medical conditions. Their characters made it OK to characterize a real illness as an annoyance that is justification for the 'cool kids' to make fun of the 'others'. This isn't acceptable for anyone. It is the definition of bullying."


Raslevich says her children are often alienated because of their restrictive diets, so she petitioned the channel to pull the episode. Disney complied — plus apologized for its callousness.

Do you think the Disney Channel needs to be more discerning about what it airs on TV?

Jason14840286 Jason14840286 4 years
really people my gf ive been dating for 3 years has this allergy and my mom has it to and we all laugh. really its a tv show on disney. grow up dont ruin shows for everyone else who likes them. if everyone has it there way nothing would be on tv . so who ever complained grow up its acting . you know as in not real.
fitsweet fitsweet 4 years
Then there is the type of organized bullying called gangstalking.
Shirley3919134 Shirley3919134 4 years
With all the media coverage about bullying over the past few years I am sure this film was about this and not about any disease. They would not use a child that had a disease and then have them exposed to anything that would be harmful to them. I personally am getting tired of people who think that everything they read or see on TV is about them! If you are that insecure then turn the TV off!! Don't read stories that will upset you! Let the real world watch shows that they can receive the intended message from. allow them to watch the shows with their children so that they can explain why that is inappropriate behavior. Grow up and teach your children that the world is sometimes not a very nice place but...there are some really nice people in it! You have to accept the bad to get to the good.
ASM6427 ASM6427 4 years
In the near future T.V. Will no longer depict true reality, instead it will be about all good things and will make our children even less equipped to handle the real problems that they will face in their lives. What was seen on the show was what likely could have really happened in the world. While I do not agree with bullying or harsh teasing at all, I do believe that things going well every time is unrealistic. Having an uproar about every imperfect action is going to stop such shows from being created and then that will be a complaint too. We must not get to the point where every little thing is so closely examined for rightness and wrongness. Having a Gluten based item thrown at someone surely could not have had a great impact unless it was being thrown down ones throat.
AmburHubbard AmburHubbard 4 years
I do find it inapropriate that behavior such as throwing an allergen into a child's face was shown to other children as a joke. I do not have as severe of allergies as others. But I can't eat a lot of things. If I eat eggs then I feel sick for days, starting with immediate nausea and vometing. I also have terrible asthma. I see throwing pancakes at a child who cant have gluten to be much like if someone sprayed an asthmatic with perfume in the face. both can be life threatning for the ill person. Just because someone is a jerk doesnt give another person the right to hurt them. It souns like this tv show has played down the real dangers of an illness for comedic relief. perhaps if the ill child was cast in a better light? But we do need to be careful what we teach our children. People may say things about growing a thicker skin. But they often don't know the isolation that comes with severe allergies. the inability to join your friends when they are enjoying a new treat. the inability to walk outside without fear that someone might walk past them and make them ill. I know it's not the world's responsibility to keep my allergens away from me. But I don't want people to start thinking that it's ok to throw it in my face. something that can be deadly should not be treated flippantly. I am not very fond of the disney channel anyway. I do not think it's right to keep a school from eating peanutbutter. the parents of the ill child have to be the responsible ones. perhaps they shouldn't have their child in public school. an inexpensive and generally healthy food source shouldnt be taken away from low income families. But children should be taught not to hurt others.
darlenealmaraz darlenealmaraz 4 years
Yes the entertainment industry n general needs to be more responsible in what they put out there. It's getting to the point that I don't want my child to watch tv at all. I'm surprised at Disney.
ChristinaDerr2038 ChristinaDerr2038 4 years
I was diagnosed with Epilepsy in high school. Remember how mean kids are normally? Well it's 10x worse when you have a medical condition that's not very well understood. Even now as an adult I've had other parents stop allowing their children to play with my son once they find out. While I don't ask for accommodations, but I do get strange looks and comments when at 26 I still have to my mother drive me most everywhere. Living with a debilitating illness is hard enough, why do you people think it is ok to make fun of people who do? At least that's one good thing my son will take out of living in this situation, he'll learn to be compassionate and yes 'sensitive' to other people's feelings. I don't get why you people brag about insensitivity like it is some badge of honor, because it is not.
Dionne30063 Dionne30063 4 years
Just a whiny wimpy kid that happens to have an allergy. Why are you guys discriminating against spoilt whiny brats, they can have allergies too you know. it's important to educate our children on the shows they are watching not just plonk them down and use it as a baby sitter - something i'm sure many parents are guilty of, including myself at some point or another. Hes just a brat that happens to have an allergy. Why because he has an allergy do you think he should be less whiny... its how his character was brought up. I know someone with an allergy that acts like this but I know not all people with allergies don't, so educate your kids. As for the the ridiculousness of the report and her children being un-invited from parties, honestly who is doing the un-inviting - the parents not the kids so thats nothing to do with stupid shows just ignorance, rudeness and laziness. People pick on others for any reason they can. the kid in the show was being picked on for acting like a brat not because he was allergic take away the fact he was asking if it was gluten free and think if he acted like that about the pancakes not having chocolate chips or something (not that picking on anyone else is right). If he had asked politely and nicely and the same reaction happened then it would of been about the allergy not the kids attitude. If you think his attitude was fine and they were picking on him for the allergy you really need to learn some manners and how to talk to others being a demanding brat is wrong.
JamieWilson0316 JamieWilson0316 4 years
OMG ! Seriously - Ok I dont really like or care for the show JESSIE anyways I find the show A little rude and inconsiderate as well - But maybe watching the Episode there are always hidden messages or outcomes in the show - Like for example did anybody in the episode STAND up to the kids throwing the pancakes or did they happen to be- friend the kid that got the pancakes thrown in his face - I do not think they were targeting any particular "disease " because theres plenty out there to do that to why out of ALL the diseases do you think they would pick that one particular. Maybe the whole episode was about make people aware that people do have this disease. Like i said I dont care for the show but i do not think they purposely did this ... I also do not care for A.N.T Farm I think it is disgusting.
dawn1366083527 dawn1366083527 4 years
I am shocked that people are defending Disney and referring to the mother that brought forward her concern as "hyper-sensitive". I have watched Jessie and I agree that most of the characters are either spoiled or annoying but that does not justify making fun of a very real issue that exists for some kids. Anyone that thinks that diet doesn't effect some children more than others is not well educated and hasn't done their research. My daughter has a friend that is gluten free and when she visits her mother will send gluten free food over. However I also make sure I have gluten free food handy. WHY? Because that is what you do when you when you care about someone. When you have a guest over. I want my daughter to learn to be compassionate and kind toward those who are different then herself. Given some of the comments here It doesn't surprise me that our society has a problem with bullying. If parents believe it is okay that a family friendly show can make fun of kids with a certain condition our society has a problem. Kuddos to the mother who took a stand on behalf of her kids. Being an advocate for your child is what parenting is all about. Her example will enable them to have self-respect and not only stand up for themselves but for others.
TamikaTwiggs1366769204 TamikaTwiggs1366769204 4 years
This type of hyper-sensitivity is going to turn all of our kids into repressed wimps. Seriously, where does it end?
JenniferClark40856 JenniferClark40856 4 years
Hyper sensitivity at it's finest! I personally am gluten and dairy free, due to medical issues. One of my children is dairy free as well. We don't expect other people to accommodate us, we handle it ourselves. If we are going to a birthday party, we bring our own cupcakes and snacks. No big deal. I don't expect others to make themselves crazy trying to accommodate everyone else's issues. My cousin has 6 children, 3 of whom have dietary restrictions. Whenever school has a special event, she sends snacks & cupcakes, packs their lunches daily, etc. it is her and her children's issues, not the world's! Why should everyone have to change their life for them? And Disney peddles crap as entertainment. Annoying anal children, snarky tweens, disobedience and lying are the norm. People still watch that crap? And we wonder why kids are the way they are.....
anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 4 years
No one is saying that children with allergies should be ignored, made fun of, or ridiculed. I imagine how difficult it must be for people with life threatening allergies to live normal lives. I also believe that parents of these children need to help their children learn to adapt and become their own advocates without making people feel as though they need to adjust their own ways of living. One woman commented on having to fight the school to allow her child to bring an epipen. The school was dead wrong and this should have been brought up at the school board meetings. There are ignorant people who believe that allergies are a state of mind - I don't agree with them. I do believe that not allowing certain foods in schools because of the minority having allergies is absurd. While I feel badly for children with allergies, I also feel badly for everyone else who has to do without because the kids with these allergies don't always do what they need to do to protect themselves. I still feel that the mother who coerced Disney into removing the episode of "Jessie" because of the insensitivities is going over the edge. I made myself find the episode and watch it and although I loathe the show, I didn't see anything having to do with making fun of the kid's allergies. Instead, the other kids were annoyed with the other kid's behavior and they were throwing the pancakes at him because of his rude and obnoxious behavior not because of his allergies. This mother and many others on this forum took this out of context as many people do when they let their emotions take control over logic.
aprilweber68840 aprilweber68840 4 years
If u don't like the show turn the tv off my children and I have asthma and life threatening allergies anaphylactic and to me this seems crazy get a life don't spend it watching tv
amberwilson71480 amberwilson71480 4 years
I think people should grow thicker skin. My son is allergic to pine. Causes a lot of problems at Christmas time. We just take care of him. My mom is allergic to chlorine. They tried to make her take swimming in PE. Nobody demanded a public apology. I am allergic to latex including many rubber products like tires and many gums. I don't complain to Walmart to move bikes away from kids toys and hardware. I change my behaviors and ask for help. Going near the rubber causes anaphylaxis. People have always made commits. We deal. People don't like going out to eat with me because I have to have caffeine free, milk free, citrus free beverages (and many water bottles contains a latex product in them). People make fun, I joke with them. My parents taught me right. I am a freak. I am also allergic to bananas. I deal and people joke about the non normal people; which by the way, its everyone for one reason or the other. Grow thick skin. At least the "big" food allergens are labeled. I keep my pen close by and an allergen necklace close to my chest. Latex and rubber are used in everything and I have to figure it out myself. My son allergy keeps me out of the sun alot so I have a lot of time for research. But you won't see me demanding apologies from people because I am different.
CoMMember13610609742207 CoMMember13610609742207 4 years
The reaction is funnier then the episode. My son has Dyslexia. Every time a show is aired with a child like this he laughs the loudest. Yes he does understand how the kid on TV feels, But he also know that he's not the only one. I saw this episode. It was no big deal. I wondering if it was the kids that got upset or parent in protection mold. Been there do that. Show them how to handle it. I have 3 kids. My oldest is 18 and grew up with Malcolm In The Middle. I had to learn from my baby you can always be 1 level worse. Not saying the parents a over reacting, But I am saying dial it down. Cause your going to be writing allot of letters. And every time just may not be a win.IJS
KarenBrzezicki KarenBrzezicki 4 years
I am outraged at people and parents who think the parents of children with food allergies are "oversensitive" and should just "suck it up". How did I survive my childhood? Really???? Do YOU have a child with a food allergy, I do. Have you ever watched that child cry because you have to tell him he can't eat the birthday cake at a party because it could KILL him? Have you watched your child cry on a field trip to the ice cream shop because he is not allowed to have any because it could KILL him? Do you have to send alternate snacks to school because other parents won't comply with his dietary restrictions? Have you had your child at the emergency room because YOUR child ate his peanut butter sandwich at lunch, failed to wash his hands, then grabbed mine causing hives, yes hives! Have you been scared out of your mind when your child's mouth swells up and have to inject him with life saving drugs due to an unknown product that was ingested because someone dismissed his allergy? Does YOUR child have to sit at a special table all by himself to protect his life? Have you had to fight with schools to allow your child to carry an epi pen that could save his life when ingesting unsafe food? Have you had to educate other parents because what YOU and YOUR child do could KILL mine? If you have never experienced one of the scenarios then you have no business judging a parent for protecting a child from harassment and bullying. A food allergy sets a child apart. When children do not understand and led to believe it is OK to make light or "joke" about a medical condition, you have set the stage for potential bullying. Do I tell my child to turn the other cheek to words? absolutely, however he is also a black belt and I tell him to drop a kid if he lays hands on him. I do not tolerate making fun of others and I WILL NOT tolerate it directed at my child. I watched this episode and the behavior IS making fun of an allergy and a lack of tolerance for it. Is the child a snot? I have no idea since the show is rather dumb and I don't let my kids watch it. BUT it still does not condone throwing food at another child or attempting to make a child purposley eat something that could make him very sick. Shame on you people for believing a medical condition is the dame a a dietary choice. Food allergies can make children very sick or KILL them. Did I mention some of these allergies can be LETHAL....that is not so funny to me...
Sarah14552922 Sarah14552922 4 years
Just to clarify, Treasire Brown, coeliac disease (we spell it with the I here in Australia) is a very real condition. It is an auto-immune disease where gluten in wheat, barley, rye and oats triggers an auto-immune reaction. If left untreated, it can result in cancer, failure to thrive in children, osteoporosis, neural-tube issues in babies of those with CD (e.g. Spina bifida) and multiple miscarriages. There is also a chronic skin disease associated with it, and it is strongly linked to other auto-immune diseases such as diabetes type 2. I agree that it seems strange to be allergic to something so healthy as wheat, but I am a case in point and have blood tests and biopsies (from endoscopes) to prove it. There is even a genetic test for the condition. If a pancake was thrown at my face, and a couple of crumbs reached my mouth, I'd be throwing up in about 15 minutes, have excruciating pain in my gut for about half a day, have bowel issues for several days, and have after effects such as headaches and an upset stomach for days. It isn't a joke. It is easy to be flippant and dismissive when you don't suffer from the condition, but food allergies are real and in some cases are deadly, much as those who have anaphaltic reactions to nuts, seafood and other natural foods.
KeciaBaldwin KeciaBaldwin 4 years
The reason there are so many rude and insensitive kids is because they are being raised by parents who have the same characteristics. I do believe that there are a lot of people out there that are hypersensitive, However, It is not okay for children to be bullying each other. We have to raise our kids to deal with different kinds of people and to protect themselves. However as parents we still have To be advocates for our children. If we aren't advocates for children, who will be?
KristenBarker43547 KristenBarker43547 4 years
I don't get how watching your kids get upset over people like them being made fun of and getting upset in turn is being a hypersensitive parent.
Steveandrhiannon14552796 Steveandrhiannon14552796 4 years
Really people?!?! This is getting ridiculous, you complain and dislike everything!! We need to teach our kids to show strength in the face of ridicule or insensitivity!!!! Not to cry and complain about everything!!!! Brush your shoulders off and move on don't dwell on small stuff!!!! We have five children and two have learning disabilities of different kinds. My oldest son has Tourette's and Tourette's Syndrome is constantly made fun of and a topic that has been thought to be obnoxious and embarrassing. People need to teach their children to have Thick skin and not let people's ignorance about Any subject get them down!!!!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves to be so ridiculously outrageous with your accusations!!!! If this is how the next generation is being raised I am embarrassed for all these so called parents and I feel sorry for the children they are bringing up as well they are going to end up weak willed and weak minded!!!!!!
TreasireBrown TreasireBrown 4 years
I am so sick of hearing about pretend and imaginary "illnesses". I just don't believe anyone is truly allergic to wheat.THE STAFF OF LIFE! Eating breast is just part of being human.
ChrissyLessey ChrissyLessey 4 years
I am shocked by the insensitivity here. We're talking about children. Children watching a showed designed for children. If you don't already have kids, you likely will someday and the odds of them having some type of "issue" are huge. If you already have children, I suggest you develop some compassion in a hurry. Your children will learn from the example you set and THEY are the ones who will choose your nursing home.
anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 4 years
@JeanetteBoyers - well put:)
lesliannd lesliannd 4 years
This is ridiculous! How did any of you survive your childhoods!!!?? You can't even say anything about anything anymore!! I feel sorry for all these kids growing up these days, everything has to be SO politically correct, it's annoying!! I am so glad I grew up when I did and I know when to take a joke!!!
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