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Is Divorce More Devastating When Kids Are Involved?

When a couple splits, people wish both parties the best. But, the breakup of a family involves more than a husband and a wife. Mom and dad may decide to take different paths, but children are affected and often caught in the midst of the mayhem, making it hard not to feel for them. Do you think divorce is more devastating when it involves children?

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Pampire Pampire 8 years
Absolutely! Especially if the kids are older and aware of what's happening. I was barely 2 when my parents divorced and I don't remember my parents ever being together so it wasn't hard on me but what was hard was dividing the time between the two and missing one when I was with the other. However children that are older and aware it could be absolutely devastating and they could blame themselves.
miamixo miamixo 8 years
Of course! This is a no brainer.
Go2Girl Go2Girl 8 years
I think it has a huge impact on children if the divorce is nasty but if parents remain friends and/or the separation was amicable, then the children will be better adjusted.
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
always worse when children are involved. we have friends that are going through a divorce now, after 16 years of marriage. the kids are are really suffering. the parents are suffering all the more because their kids are hurting.
Chrstne Chrstne 8 years
If you have kids, obviously divorce is a very sticky situation, because a lot of time, at the end of the day you end up with a very fractured family. I was fairly old when my parents divorced (18), but they had separated once before when I was 13, and well, the entire situation, their entire marriage was one screwed up situation. I will say that while the divorce made things a little calmer for all parties, it also ruined any hint of a family we ever had. My parents cannot get along, and three years later, still have on-going court battles. My brother is torn between my mom and dad, and I can't stomach my dad, and can only handle my mom when she isn't attention-whoring her divorce. We will never be a real family. I don't think we ever were. It can be absolutely life changing and devastating if the children care. I don't care at I was perfectly okay with it. I had wanted it since I was 7! But people like my brother who are all emotional about it and want their parents together, their lives get turned upside down.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
um, yes ?
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