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Everything old is new again — just with a different spin on them. Tops, the classic toys that have occupied tots for hundreds of years received a 21st century makeover with the introduction of Beyblades. Using a "launcher," or a rip cord, the tops then spin on the floor or in an arena where they battle to see which can spin the longest. The sleeper-hit holiday toy of the season, Beyblades were one of the most requested toys among kindergarten to fifth-grade boys last month.

Now Hasbro is set to put a decidedly girlie spin (pun intended) on the age-old toy. In March, the company (which also distributes Beyblades) will expand the FurReal Friends line with the introduction of Dizzy Dancers ($9) — a collection of "twirling, dancing pets." Using the familiar rip cord (now called a Dizzy Cord), the stuffed animal-topped toys can be launched to spin their way around the home. The cute characters are interchangeable, so they can be mixed and matched to create custom pets. Each package will also come with a "Twistin' Tricks Card" to teach lil ones new ways to spin.

Similar to Lego's recent launch of girl-friendly Lego Friends, how do you feel about female versions of popular toys?

sierraC sierraC 5 years
Honestly, there doesn't need to be any "girl-version" of toys nowadays. When I was a kid, I loved playing with Beyblades, and yes I'm female. My brother and sister also very much enjoyed Beyblades and we never thought of these toys as strictly boys-only. To be truthful with you, even though it is the same company releasing them it's almost as if it's a lame knock-off of Beyblades. This may sound a little biased, but people need to realize that not all little girls like princesses and pink and cutesy fluffy little things. My father and mother let my siblings and I go with whatever we liked and my sister and I both ended up liking the types of toys and toy cars my brother did. The same goes for a few of my girl friends. The thing is, everyone's different, and even though as kids a majority of boys liked superheroes and cars and girls liked princesses and Barbies, that's not what every kid wants. It's a little upsetting knowing companies have to make toys targeted straight towards only girls, or only towards boys. Also, the Lego Friends commercial didn't impress me. Lego is Lego, and Lego isn't dollhouses and Polly Pockets. Stick to the cool building blocks we all enjoyed and forget about a whole toy for boys/girls.
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