Mommy Dearest,

I am about to head back to work and just hired a nanny to care for my baby. We've worked out a contract that outlines everything from her pay and vacation days to her day-to-day responsibilities. My friends just told me that I need to provide her with lunch every day even though it is not outlined in her contract, and not something we discussed. I'm not provided with lunch at my place of work so I don't see why I should have to provide it to her. Is this normal?

– Lunching Mommy

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Dear Lunching Mommy,

Though you are not contracted to provide your caretaker with lunch, it is a nice thing to do for her. Rather than leaving an elaborate meal, ask her if there are food items she would like you to keep in the house to make things more comfortable for her. This woman is caring for your child and you want to make her feel as welcome as possible. She will likely only ask for a few items.

—Mommy Dearest

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