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Do You Blog About Your Tot?

Do You Blog About Your Tot?

This year, for the very first time, my friend told me she didn't receive a single "holiday letter" updating her on the milestones and successes of her friends' tots. She attributes this to the fact that many of those mamas keep personal blogs that chat up their children, showcase kiddie art projects, and talk about their children moving beyond diapers and packing for trips.

Do you take to the web to share information about your family?


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gincase gincase 8 years
Not only do I blog about her on my website (, but she has her own website:
mstrauss mstrauss 8 years
Only on lilsugar :) and facebook
Kimpossible Kimpossible 8 years
I keep a blog but it's more about daily life or my thoughts than it is about our children. Family I keep updated regularly. Friends and distant family get Holiday letters at Christmas. I'm saddened by the decreasing number of letters and cards I receive from old friends anymore.
sofi sofi 8 years
we share occasionally on facebook or emails, but not my thing to do something available to the public.
JOrange JOrange 8 years
I do, but I use a password to the posts so only friends and family can access it. We live far away from our family so it's a good thing to be able to show them our kid's life on a day-to-day basis.
Greggie Greggie 8 years
I did but I never remembered to update it. I wouldn't do any of the public ones like Cool Mom or anything, just a private one for my family and close friends. But Facebook pretty much takes care of that anyway. *lol*
MissSushi MissSushi 8 years
Yup, I have my own website. I didnt start it when I had my daughter, Ive been running it since may of 06. Its always been my way of updating all about our lives and what we were up to/dealing with.
lickety-split lickety-split 8 years
i do, usually as soon as i take them, lol. there's a group of us that send our pix and updates around.
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