On this week's Modern Family new dads Cameron and Mitchell differ on their preferred plans for soothing daughter Lily to sleep. Mitchell wants to use the Ferber Method, which says a child can be taught to put herself to sleep with self soothing techniques, but Cameron can't stand to hear the baby whimper in her crib. In fact, he cries a little himself and says, "It's torture . . . torture! It's just hard if you happen to be a person who hates to hear another person suffer." While hilarious on screen and an exaggeration of the Ferber Method (to some extent), it's a conundrum most parents battle. You read one suggestion or study. He reads another. One of you reacts with emotion, the other with a well-thought out plan. The challenges of coparenting ensue.

My husband and I talked about how we would raise our kids before we got married, and the conversation continues as different issues come up, but we still face bad cop/good cop moments. Do you and your partner fundamentally use the same methods, have completely different parenting styles, or a balanced combination?
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