Hollywood's elite has produced some pretty darn cute babies in the past few months. While you may recognize their chubby lil cheeks or their chic hairdos, you might not know their names like you think you do. Take this test to see if you can pass with flying colors.

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Who has a son named Henry?

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What is Honor Warren's middle name?

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What is Sasha (Alexander) Schreiber's little brother's name?

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Who has a daughter named Stella?

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Who does NOT have a son named Max?

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick just welcomed twin girls. Their names are Tabitha and _________.

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A very famous lil Levi has an even more famous dad named __________.

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What is Zuma's middle name?

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What is Sadie Sandler's little sister's name?

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Who named her son the same name as a New York borough?