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Do You Know Your Baby Skin Conditions?

Newborns do not usually have the flawless skin they show in the movies. Rather, they may have bruises from their birth experience, acne and a number of other imperfections when they enter the world.

As the child grows, a parent will begin to notice a number of other skin conditions on their lil one. Take my quiz and see if you know what you are looking at on your babe.


Do You Know Your Baby Skin Conditions?

If your baby is sporting little white spots, similar to pimples, on her face and gums the week after her birth, it is likely to be ____.

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Greggie Greggie 8 years
The first one can also be baby acne, but I got it wrong when I answered that. My daughter still gets it occasionally at 7 months. Roseola also doesn't always have a high fever, everyone I've known whose child got it only experienced a low grade fever. We thought it was another allergic reaction to antibiotics when my oldest got it, since his fever was so lowgrade we hadn't even noticed it.
schnappycat schnappycat 8 years
Oops, didn't do so well. And my son has several skin issues. I was expecting to see eczema on this quiz since it's rather common in babies. I'm battling it right now with him and we just had to see a specialist.
luckyme luckyme 8 years
My kiddo never experienced any of these, so I really didn't educate myself on them (evidenced by my one out of five ;)). Off subject: the baby in the picture looks A LOT like my little one when she was that age!
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