You may think this story is stolen straight from an episode of Grey's Anatomy, but this really happened. My friend called last night and told me this whole saga from beginning to end. I still can hardly believe it.

She's a brand new mom to a three–week–old baby boy. And, has been feeling some pain down south — even her stitches. But, since she was on meds for the first postpartum week, she didn't notice anything odd. During her second week, she assumed it was normal to still feel sore.

This week, however, she started to notice a strange odor and increasing pain and figured something wasn't right. So, she called her doctor yesterday and explained her condition. The OB/GYN told her to come in. To find out what happened,


My friend got back in the stirrups for the exam so if you have a weak stomach, stop reading. The physician quickly found the problem — a large wad of gauze that had been left inside her vajayjay when she was stitched up after giving birth.

The doc profusely apologized and removed the gauze, but unfortunately my friend now has a serious yeast infection. Additionally, the original stitches didn't mend the tear since the gauze interfered, so she had to be put under a local anesthetic and sewn up again.

As a new mom, my friend was convinced she was being a wimp about the pain of recovery, but it turned out that her instincts were correct and something was awry.

It's a good reminder to everyone that you are the best judge of your body. If you feel something is not right, don't hesitate to call your doctor.