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Doctor Must Pay Support For Child After Failed Abortion

Doctor Must Pay Support For Child After Failed Abortion

In a case unlike any we've yet seen, a doctor has been ordered to pay for the support of a child who was born after a failed abortion attempt sought by the mother. 

An unnamed woman in Spain sought to terminate her pregnancy at a clinic in April 2010 when she was eight weeks pregnant. Unbeknownst to her or her doctor at the time, the abortion was unsuccessful. Thinking she had become pregnant again, the woman went back to the clinic three months later, where she was informed that she was actually five months pregnant and that the abortion had failed. The woman was refused another abortion because she was farther along than Spain's legal time limit of 14 weeks. The only compensation she was offered was a refund of the fees she'd paid for the failed abortion. 

The woman has since given birth to a healthy baby boy. A judge has recently ordered the gynecologist and the private clinic to pay the mother 150,000 euros ($190,000) in "moral damages" for their negligence and a monthly maintenance of 978 euros ($1,230) until the boy reaches his 26th birthday.


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FaitheClaxton FaitheClaxton 5 years
I wonder what this beautiful little boy will say and how he will feel when he finds out that his mother tried to kill him twice before he was ever born. A failed abortion sounds like there is a plan that even man can't destroy for this little man. May he be blessed abundantly every day of his life. May his mother learn that abortion is not birth control. A doctor may pay for a while, but I believe the penalty for killing an unborn child or fetus will be eternal.
BronaEinstman BronaEinstman 5 years
Patricia, having an abortion at 8 weeks is not "killing another human being" if that was the case wouldn't all those doctors be in jail? I think if you are looking for someone who is choosing to "kill another human being" then maybe you should look to the people seeking the death penalty.
AmandaBarnes11185 AmandaBarnes11185 5 years
WOW! I think it's bullshit that a judge would even consider making sure this woman gets "compensation" for a child that she didn't even want!!!! And a bunch of you in the US want to complain about birth control being carried by insurance companies?????
LauraZoeyBlack LauraZoeyBlack 5 years
Child support til he's 26??????? Man that's a lot! And seriously, she should have given the child up for adoption. You didn't want him....remember?
AnneGolenya AnneGolenya 5 years
It is just beyond me, how any woman can end the life of her child, just because she was careless and got pregnant, when she didn't want to be. So what is the right thing to do......KILL IT,OF COURSE! A woman who has had an abortion can NOT say she loves children!
CoMMember13629807643153 CoMMember13629807643153 5 years
oh.. and learn how to use birth control ; /
CoMMember13629807643153 CoMMember13629807643153 5 years
wow. i dont even know waht to say to this. She made out pretty well on this. I only hope that in having the child she will learn to love and accept him .
JessWatkins JessWatkins 5 years
Imagine how this boy is going to feel growing up. She didn't want him, guarantee she's still bitter, and now she's being "forced" to take care of the child, even if it isn't monetarily. This boy is going to grow up and feel hated, and feel terribly knowing that he was a failed abortion being raised because the clinic who failed got sued because his "mother" didn't want him. She gets paid, and this boy is emotionally screwed from Day 1. I would look in to the mothering skills of this woman.
KellySmith51838 KellySmith51838 5 years
apparently she thinks abortion is a form of birth control. not!!!! i feel sorry for the child cause he's being raised my a mother who doesnt want him.
DanaPugh DanaPugh 5 years
Sounds like this women used abortion as birth control. I think stories like this will mean less doctors want to offer abortions because of the risk. From my point of view, less doctors offering abortions is a good I'm all for it.
Wow this is really crazy. How can a abortion fail dont they check to make sure that everything is out
Aspirationz Aspirationz 5 years
That poor baby....
DebIngrassia DebIngrassia 5 years
This story is disturbing on so many different levels.
BrittanieHeathington BrittanieHeathington 5 years
So you go back for ANOTHER abortion? Hello, birth control.
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