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Does Birth Make It Easier to Cope With Death?

Circle of Life: Does Birth Make It Easier to Cope With Death?

It's a simple truth — everybody is born and everyone dies. But does the birth of a baby help ease the pain of losing a loved one? My son was born the morning my great aunt passed away. I have a friend who lost his father just weeks before his wife birthed their daughter. The child helped him cope with the loss, see the future, and move forward with his memories. Does new life help ease the pain for grieving people?

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mrodphoto mrodphoto 7 years
I lost my brother the night I went into labor. It was devastating. But having my baby kept me strong. It gave me something to be strong for. And Audrey was a blessing for my parents. She was literally a miracle baby to begin with, but with my brother's passing, it helped them realize that life goes on. And more importantly that his memory would live on in the stories we tell her.
starbucks2 starbucks2 7 years
Makes perfect sense, cheersdarling! My stepgrandfather passed away just two weeks after we found out we were expecting. He had long suffered from cancer. I couldn't be there in his last minutes because I had been admitted to the hospital myself. It was tough but I know the birth of my daughter helped my grandma get her mind off of things.
cheersdarlin916 cheersdarlin916 7 years
I voted "yes" but I agree with other comments that it depends on the person. My Mom was dying from lung cancer during the first few months of my daughter's life and even though I was tearing up inside from watching my mom go through that and helping her stay comfortable in her last days on this earth my daughter was the ray of light that I needed to stay together. Even though I miss my Mom I know I have a life here still and I want to make my children's life as wonderful as my mom made mine. (I hope that makes sense.)
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 7 years
I agree with everyone who says it depends on the person and the situation. I don't quite know for myself... I haven't had a death in my family since I was in my teens.
LadyAngel89 LadyAngel89 7 years
It was helpful to me. My grandmother passed away suddenly & unexpectedly when I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter. It was very hard. But at the same time, it's funny how people can reach out after death. We found baby clothes that she had tucked away for our daughter and a card she hadn't filled out for us yet. We closed on our house on the day of her funeral.... it was like she was willing everything to happen for us that we were so worried about. I hate that my daughter will never get to meet her and that she never got to see her greatgrandbaby. But I truly believe that she was ready to go and make sure we were ok.
schnappycat schnappycat 7 years
Wow, that is tough, anon2. I'm sorry.
bryseana bryseana 7 years
I think it would depend on the person and the circumstances of the situation. Some women and men experience depression after the birth of a child. Grieving the loss of a loved one could add more distress.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
I don't think birth specifically makes it easier to cope, but I do think that any major changes that take your mind off things help. And birth is just about as big of a change as there is.
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