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Does Seeing An Ex-Boyfriend on Facebook Make You Ask, <i>What If?</i>

Does Seeing An Ex-Boyfriend on Facebook Make You Ask, What If?

Does Seeing An Ex-Boyfriend on Facebook Make You Ask, <i>What If?</i>

With Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the Internet making everyone so darn accessible these days, it seems a lot of us have moments when we ask ourselves, what if...? While these are not necessarily moments of doubt for our marriages, families, or lives as moms, they do seem to occur more often now that it's so easy to stay connected to people from our pasts, including people we used to date.

And the trouble doesn't stop at ex-boyfriends: Circle of Moms members talk regularly about other Facebook etiquette problems, such as "de-friending" someone, or what to do if your husband or in-laws are Facebook friends with the ex-wife. But back to the ex-boyfriends... 

As author Allison Winn Scotch puts it, "My grandmother - and even my mother - never had to worry about an old boyfriend popping up and asking to accept his friend request. We do. We're shown their relationship status, given access into their perfectly-witty status updates, and left to ponder over whether they occasionally peruse our relationship status and our perfectly-witty status updates as well."


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Are you friends with an ex on Facebook? 

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