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Mealtime becomes a little more difficult for parents with kids who have food allergies. Nuts, eggs, wheat and dairy top the list of most common food allergens, but some kiddos have a whole slew of things that are restricted from their diets.

Symptoms can be minor, or severe, but leave parents investigating all ingredients that go into their tot's food. Some even opt to send children to a "peanut free" school so they don't have to worry about their tot coming into contact with the nutty stuff during the day. Do tell, does your child have any food allergies? If so, which ones?

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techkim techkim 7 years
my second son has allergies to dairy. He had eczema and the doctor said he shoud out grow it around age 3. My friend said go dairy free and see what happens. Cleared 100%. So I do a test now and then and nope he flares up again the next day after either he or I have eaten dairy (nursing) starting on his forehead then his legs, then goes to his fingers, and really bad it hits his tummy and back.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
Oh no, Annie! That's such a shame. So far, we have no food allergies... she couldn't have regular formula as a baby, and was put on soy, but transitioned to cows milk later on just fine. My family, and my husbands, has absolutely no history of food allergies of any sort, so i was fairly easy going about trying new things, and she had a lot of easy allergens pretty early. I'm thankful for that ease, though we obviously always watch her closely when trying new things.
anniems anniems 7 years
Milk, egg, wheat, peanuts, fish, blueberries, mustard, peas... so far.
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