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Does Your Life Revolve Around Your Kids?

The Middle: Does Your Life Revolve Around Your Children?

Has your home been taken over by children? On last night's hilarious episode of The Middle, Frankie and Mike decide to take back their house after realizing that their lives revolve around the whims and demands of Axel, Sue, and Brick. As part of the effort, the parents plan meals around their own preferences, have a hangover-inducing date night, and stop shuttling their kids and running errands. Ultimately, they find that making their children happy has great personal rewards. For better or worse, do your offspring tell you what to do?

Photo courtesy of ABC.

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lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
you say it like it's a bad thing for parents' lives to revolve around their children - once you become a parent, it's about your children first. however, you shouldn't ever allow them to tell you what to do - I'm a kindergarten teacher and it drives me crazy how grown adults allow little children to tell them how they want to be punshed, etc, it's crazy and it makes me sick. so, to sum up; you life is about your children, but they should never rule your life...
Rebecca-M-Gruber Rebecca-M-Gruber 6 years
Regardless of how hard we try, our lives most certainly revolve around our kids. From shuttling them to activities and birthday parties to just figuring out ways to keep them occupied. I think it could change when they get older though!
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
it did up until about a year and a half ago. we were at an ice rink, where my girls took lessons, and i was chatting with the guy in the pro shop. he was talking about how his son plays hockey EVERYDAY and that he and his wife drive 100 miles round trip to do that. the kid does all his homework in the car, eats meals in the car, etc. i was thinking how nuts that was as he was talking, but later i realized thast our family was headed in that direction. i took a step back and we took the summer off from anything scheduled. then in the fall, when it came time to sifn up for activities i decided not to sign them up. they spent their afternoons and weekends riding bikes, swimming, going to the beach, the park and friends houses. each did a couple of weeks at theme camps. it worked so much better, and they just seemed happier. no more rushing around. for now this works for us.
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