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Would You Let a Dolphin Be Your Midwife?

Let us start by saying — this is not a joke. Dolphin-assisted childbirth is something that people actually do with the help of the Pahoa, HI-based Sirius Institute. According to its website, Sirius is "dedicated to the creation of human/dolphin cocreative habitats where dolphins and people can learn from each other through music, underwater birth, dolphin sound healing, and restoration." The trend hit the news this week when The Charlotte Observer reported on Adam and Heather Barringer, a Charlotte couple who have settled in with Sirius's Star Newland in Hawaii to bond with a pod of dolphins in preparation for the July birth of their first child. "It is about reconnecting as humans with the dolphins so we can coexist in this world together and learn from one another," Heather told the Observer. "Having that connection with the pod of dolphins anytime — even if the birth doesn't happen in the water — still brings peace, comfort, and strength to the mother and baby during labor." According to the Sirius Institute, "Children born in the water with the dolphins develop six months faster over their first six months, have perhaps 150 grams more brain weight, and are ambidextrous." This sounds great, but some skeptics wonder how safe giving birth while surrounded by dolphins actually is. After all, these are wild animals with a track record for unpredictable violence. So what do you think? Is a dolphin-assisted birth something that you would ever consider?

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April14377653 April14377653 4 years
Hmm, lets see the experts compile research on letting an elephant (also strong matriarchs and alleged pyschics) or a female gorilla do human midwifery as well. Oh wait, they don't have a media friendly reputation, do they? These stats are poppycock. Ladies, if you want to go au naturale, do it in a dim room (or cave) and on all fours. That was time honoured way for early hominids.
MarcieLightwood MarcieLightwood 4 years
This is just a fad designed to give overprivileged parents something more to "consume"; spend their money on and brag about. I would guess that the better "outcomes" for the child come because they are born to overambitious parents who are giving them every privilege, too. These kids are born to highly successful, genetically advantaged, wealthy, well-fed and presumably educated parents. Of course they develop ahead of other children.
Lokelani78 Lokelani78 4 years
I actually live on the island where this practice is taking place. I can tell you that when I went into labor with both of my kids, I got in the car and headed for the Hospital not the dirty ocean! Dolphins are super fun to swim with but all those claims they are making are just rediculous! Sometimes strange things happen in Pahoa.
mojojojo3345 mojojojo3345 4 years
This isn't new. Not even the first time it's hit mainstream media, Pen and Teller covered it in 2008 on their show Bullsh!t. Funnily enough, the couple they interview both had dreadlocks too.
NicoleM17196 NicoleM17196 4 years
The things people come up with. First of all, the Sirius website makes claims that they provide no actual proof of. Second, the photo of the parents looks like they are hippies from the 60s. If they were stoned while making these decisions, that would explain a lot. lol JMO...
jenbaker60011 jenbaker60011 4 years
"Children born in the water with the dolphins develop six months faster over their first six months, have perhaps 150 grams more brain weight, and are ambidextrous." - even if it is possible to develope this fast would it be safe. Development and growth happen at a certain rate for a reason and people shouldn't be trying to push the process.
AoifeBarringtonHaber AoifeBarringtonHaber 4 years
This is not new. As impractical as this is for most people, I have always thought it a great reminder of how birthing mothers part of a powerful primordial process.
anonymousanonymous anonymousanonymous 4 years
Wow - some people will do anything just to be a part of something unique and controversial. It makes me wonder why these people have kids. The article mentioned that children born in these conditions develop faster and have more brain mass - where is the evidence? Who did the research, let me guess - a group of nonscientists trying to push their agenda? IDIOTS!!!
michele1431 michele1431 4 years
i could see the 'relaxation' part of it as having the dolphins as a 'distraction' may even assist w reducing pain perception; but for the delivery, no. There is a host of bacteria/germs etc that r present in the water as well as the dolphins unpredictable behavior, they r animals, not mid-wives-at advanced stage of labor, hop into a 'clean' birthing 'pool' u could have set up right there by the ocean if u want, but have it just u, the baby, dad, midwife, and friends/ dolphins at that point
TamekaGillett TamekaGillett 4 years
I think this is a horrible idea. If dolphins are in a territorial mood they will literally drag people under water and kill them. Come on people!
KerriHaynes KerriHaynes 4 years
All I'm gonna say is that as much as I love dolphins, they belong in the wild. Lets stop taking animals from their habitats. Humans need to stop messing around w/ nature
Vyvo Vyvo 4 years
Please don't insult midwives by referring to dolphins as midwives. If the law allows for these facilities to be open for business then it's each family's business if they want to put themselves at risk with wild animals, just as it's their choice to put themselves at risk to have children in a hospital, have a C-section, have them at home or give birth in a tub of water. Personally, I don't think there's enough of a market to keep this crazy idea in business. But if there is, so be it. But calling dolphins midwives is an absolute insult to professionals who aid mothers in safely bringing their children into this world.
ReBeccaStevens ReBeccaStevens 4 years
JanaeSmith JanaeSmith 4 years
I'm disappointed this was even posted on this site. Just a bunch of junk.
withinthedream withinthedream 4 years
Sometimes dolphins rape humans to death for sport. While I don't dislike them on principle, I want to like them from a distance, thanks.
SamanthaUeno SamanthaUeno 4 years
No thanks. Dolphins are wild animals and there is a chance they would try to attack the newborn. Homebirth with a human midwife, please.
Lovetheearth Lovetheearth 4 years
BUYER BEWARE! There is NO EVIDENCE that the claims by the Sirius Institute are anything but HYPE to exploit dolphins for profit. Just like bogus Dolphin-Assisted-Therapy (DAT) - where gullible and desperate families will sell their houses in order to have an autistic child "cured" - the service-providers make BIG BUCKS. They tout "dolphins can heal sickness and disease" but this has never been proven. You get the same "good feeling" by taking a hot bath or playing with the family dog - which is a lot cheaper! In addition, dolphins do attack humans and children - but the DAT industry is not required to make that info public. As soon as this activity "takes off" there will be facilities popping up all over the world, and wild dolphins will be violently captured to supply these profit-driven facilities. Twenty dolphins die for every one dolphin captured - that is how strongly they try to protect their pod mates. PLEASE DON'T DO THIS. There's no guarantee that a fetus will not be dolphin-mob attacked, or a weakened mother as well. This is NOT A GOOD IDEA. PLEASE DON'T SUPPORT IT.
Krista-Moatz Krista-Moatz 4 years
This is the craziest thing I have heard in awhile!
Jamie-Roy Jamie-Roy 4 years
Wow, it makes me want to change my birth plan. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!
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