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Donating Embryos to Stem Cell Research

What Would You Do With Frozen Embryos?

For many couples with fertility problems, in vitro fertilization is sometimes the answer to their prayers. Often, the "farming" procedure leaves hopeful partners with more than one viable embryo for implantation. If a successful pregnancy is achieved, the parents-to-be must decide what to do with those that were not used. Couples can choose to keep them frozen in case they decide to reproduce again or donate them to other people or to research.

Actor Michael J. Fox, a proponent of stem cell research, is on a mission to encourage those couples to donate their embryos in hopes of saving or changing future lives. An emotionally charged topic, opponents worry that the embryo would be sacrificed in a similar fashion as abortion. To that point, the stem cell champions argue they would never come to fruition in any case and if used for research, they would actually be bettering life for countless others by potentially curing ailments and preventing disease.

What do you think people should do with their unwanted frozen embryos?

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