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Don't Miss Our First Ever Hosted Live Chat! (Tuesday, Noon PST)

Don't Miss Our First Ever Hosted Live Chat! (Tuesday, Noon PST)

Don't Miss Our First Ever Hosted Live Chat! (Tuesday, Noon PST)

Get ready for our first ever Circle of Moms Live Chat! We're thrilled to announce that our first live chat will be taking place on the Circle of Moms Facebook page this Tuesday, April 17, from noon-1pm PST.

Our special guest host is Susan McLean, the hilarious mom blogger behind Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva, and one of Circle of Moms' Top 25 Funny Moms winners in both 2011 and 2012.

Susan will be answering your questions, sharing tips on keeping a sense of humor in the middle of everyday mommy chaos, and helping us give away prizes. Yep, you heard us right: several lucky moms will win gift cards just for participating in the chat! You'll have show up to find out exactly how to win, so be sure to visit our Facebook page at noon PST next Tuesday to join us in our first fun live chat!


What questions should the Domestic Diva answer when she hosts the chat? Tell us below in the comments!

Image Source: via Susan McLean

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HeidiCrocker HeidiCrocker 5 years
My twenty two month old boy is an impossible eater. He will only eat about ten different things, most of which are processed. He doesn't like me feeing him, but does not like getting his hands dirty while eating and because he is not very good at feeding himself he tends to get them dirty so he will only eat foods that do not have too much "stuff" on it. He will not eat anything that he has not seen before and will even refuse to eat something that he previously use to love, "just because"... He enjoys fruit, but these days he is more inclined to eat snack foods that are packaged. I have tried baking, cooking and making healthy snack and food options, but he just refuses point blank to eat it. He is fairly over weight because of all the processed food. I know the option is to refuse to give him the processed food till he takes the healthy food, but sometimes it just seems "easier" to give him what he wants... Bad parenting?
CassieLatham CassieLatham 5 years
I would like to know about children aid they are pulling kids out there homes for stupid thine. Me and common law had your children out of our how because we had a little yelling match just over something stupid. The same person calling for the same thing. They should look into the people that calls should all so be looking in on the caller the to make site there kids. are. being looked after to
Kim-Bongiorno Kim-Bongiorno 5 years
How does your husband feel about your being recognized in public for comparing yourself to Zach Galifianakis and talking excessively about your colonoscopy? Does he have the same sense of humor as you? And will you please buy the house next door to me here in New Jersey?
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