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Dr. Sears Advice For a Colic Baby

Dr. Bob Sears Shares His Best Advice on Calming a Colicky Baby

When the witching hour becomes the witching days and nights, it's time to bring in the experts. Colic, defined as a condition in children between three weeks and three months old that causes them to cry for three hours a day at least three days a week, can be trying on new parents as well as their tot. While there's still no known cause of colic, doctors may be coming close to a remedy. I spoke with Dr. Bob Sears about techniques parents can use to calm a colicky baby, and he revealed a new treatment he's finding success with in his own patients. Check out our interview above!

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beachmomoftwo beachmomoftwo 5 years
My second child had colic--it was a huge blow to me because I thought that since it was my second baby, I was a veteran and would know how to handle every situation. But no. Nothing helped. A friend gave me Colic Calm, which was is a gripe water, and it worked! Finally! They are natural and FDA regulated, so I had no fears giving them to my newborn. I now tell everyone to try them!
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