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Where Did Your Water Break . . . Chime In!

Having had two c-sections, with nary a contraction to be felt, I always envied women who experienced movie-like water-breaking scenes, where out of the blue, their water breaks and it is a mad dash to the hospital. Over the weekend, a friend had just that.

One month away from her due date with her third child (the first two were both over a week late), my friend thought she was safe to head to the 'burbs for dinner and shopping. With her older tots safely snuggled under the covers at grandma's, she and her husband began their date night at Toys R Us to play Santa. Standing in the middle of the Bakugan aisle, dressed in her new hot over-the-knee boots, her water broke, leaving a huge puddle on the floor. Some quick-thinking saleswomen helped her to the door while her husband ran to get the car, and two hours later their son arrived.

Did you have a dramatic water-breaking situation? Share it with us below, or get the conversation started in the Pregnancy Posse group!

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miss-leanne miss-leanne 6 years
My water breaking me woke me up in bed in the morning (of Mother's day- sorry, can't brag enough) It was crazy, just kind of felt a pop and it was soaked. Sorry for the details. haha
danaruth danaruth 6 years
I awoke to contractions at 2:30am, the day after my daughter's due date. We waited around the house for a few hours, and got to the hospital around 8am. I filled out the paperwork, put on the hospital gown, climbed onto the stretcher to go to L&D ... and my water broke. SPLASH! Perfect timing! Of course, I changed out of the gown I just soaked and mounted a new stretcher. I can't imagine having a huge gush of fluid like that in public - I'd be pretty embarrassed. :)
MissSushi MissSushi 6 years
My water broke with my first while i was bringing my dinner to the table. Gigantic rush of fluid that soaked my clothes and the floor in second. I finished dinner and waited a few hours before I went to the hospital because I wasnt having contractions and I didn't feel like being strapped to a bed for longer then neccesary. My second was induced because of Preeclampsia, and the doctor broke his water a few hours into my labor. I hadn't wanted to do it, but he badgered me into it. Its amazing how much more intense your contractions are when its done. My doc was wearing regular clothes and it splashed way past the long glove and up on his arm and shirt. Heh, made me happy ;)
welly welly 6 years
my water never son was born in the amniotic sac and the midwife had to break it open as he came out! it's called being "born in the caul."
starbucks2 starbucks2 6 years
I have never heard of anybody who actually had that happen...I started losing water in the morning, but it was more like peeing myself a tiny bit ;) no puddle, nothing pads couldn't handle.
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