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Does pumping your infant full of food right before bed help him sleep longer? Many mamas claim this is true. Whether they follow an on-demand feeding regimen or a more scheduled one, lots opt to rouse their lil ones right before mom and pops are ready to call it a night and stick a bottle or nipple in the babe's mouth for one last feeding. Most tot's sucking reflex is so strong that they can down an entire feeding without ever opening their eyes to see what they are doing. Parents that opt to go this route say it helps train the baby to sleep during the overnight hours while giving the grown-ups a good stretch of shut-eye.

A colleague told me that the dream feed was one of her most cherished hours once she returned to work, saying:

I continued dream-feeding my son for at least a month longer than I needed to because it was such a special time for me. My husband was asleep, my son was in my arms quiet and happily sucking away and I could take in his changing features and wonderful baby scent without the phone ringing or someone asking me for something. It was only after the doctor told me he was getting plenty of milk during his awake hours that I finally gave it up reluctantly.

Did you dream-feed your baby?


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