I caught up on this season of The L Word this weekend in time for the series finale and was enthralled by the episode where Jenny throws Max Sweeney a baby shower (yep, you read it right, they went for the pregnant man plot!).

It was a touching and painful episode to watch because Max was in the process of transitioning from being a woman to becoming a man when he got pregnant and is completely and utterly overwhelmed by the prospect of motherhood and very female changes happening to his body. Despite all the drama, and the tears that welled up when I considered his trauma, I was distracted by the fact that everyone at the baby shower had a Bellini, beer or glass of white wine in their hands.

I've been to my share of non-traditional showers (heck, I have even been to one in a rented out lounge), but I happen to think it's a lil awkward for guests to knock back a six pack or shots while playing diaper games. I'm curious: do you think drinks at baby showers are a do or a don't?
Photo courtesy of Showtime