Some new moms have skin that feels like a cold defeathered chicken. As a mom–to–be, I developed a rash of bumps to the backside of my upper arms. Embarrassed about the condition, I confided in my pregnant buddy who told me she was dealing with the same thing. I consulted a dermatologist who diagnosed the condition as keratosis pilaris. KP is a common skin disorder that is characterized by "chicken skin" or bumpiness on the surface of the skin. He said that many pregnant women develop KP while pregnant and it worsens when nursing due to further dehydration. Unfortunately, there's no sure remedy, but it does help to apply creams like TriCeram ($30) or KP Duty Derma Doctor ($36) right after you get out of the shower while your skin is still wet.

This time I am prepared and ready to handle my poultry–like limbs. So far, I am on a much smoother path to happiness.