We've gone green for Halloween here on lilsugar, which means we are bringing you tricks and treats for celebrating the favorite holiday while encouraging children to make, swap and reuse their costumes. These costumes aren't just made with eco products, but they highlight the recycle, reduce and reuse theme and are great conversation starters for budding conversationalists.

  • Crush It in a Blue Box — Suit your sweet one up in a familiar blue box full of recyclable items. Their neighborhood buddies will find the costume endearing and your wee one might be able to impart wisdom on a few fellow trick-or-treaters along the way.
  • Turning Paper Back to Timber — Use some gifts from Mother Nature along with some recyclable items to craft a costume that pays homage to trees. It's the least we can do to pay them back for all of the beauty they provide.
  • Compostable Child — Many school cafeterias now require children to throw their used napkins and leftover food in the big green bins as the waste can be better used to save our environment. A simple costume to assemble, your tot won't mind spreading the word about the benefits of composting as she trick-or-treats.