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Two Sees Onesies For Quick Diaper Checks: Ga Ga or Gag?

There isn't a mom, dad, or caretaker of a baby or toddler out there who isn't familiar with the diaper "sniff test." For every time that our sense of smell has done the trick, there's an instance or two in which it's let us down. To eliminate the inconvenience of wriggling a squirmy, squeamish baby out of his or her clothing and diaper only to find out it was completely unnecessary, an enterprising grandma came up with Two Sees.

These handy onesies feature a discreet rear opening where you can sneak a quick peek to check on the status of your baby's diaper. The onesies come in three simple unisex designs featuring the brand's royal-blue parakeet logo or can be purchased in plain white. Two Sees retail for $17 for a single printed onesie, $20 for a set of three solid white onesies or $30 for a set of three printed onesies. Constructed of 100 percent cotton, the product's lap shoulder makes it easy to get on and off a baby's head once it's been established that a diaper change is indeed essential.

It's a clever concept, but would you actually buy these alternatives to the traditional one-piece baby basic? Weigh in on our poll and comments section below!

babywrench babywrench 4 years
I don't know anyone who hasn't used a one piece "onesie" on their child at some point or another. They keep the child warm; no belly showing and no bunched up tshirt under the child's shirt. This idea makes SO much sense, I can't believe it hasn't been invented already. I love the fact that a grandmother who has invested her love, time and experience into this has made something wonderful and useful for the rest of us! I think she should be called grandma ga ga!
KristinaKloth KristinaKloth 4 years
Given the price they seem silly there are other ways to check a diaper.
SherifMesbah1378674487 SherifMesbah1378674487 4 years
I love simple useful ideas. This one is great! My factory can produce such idea in 100% Egyptian cotton upon approval and request.
SaraAnderson1370193415 SaraAnderson1370193415 4 years
The leg hole is tested and true, seems silly.
juliadoherty juliadoherty 4 years
I hated onsies all together and used the old fashion tee shits with criss cross and snaps. Onsies seem to equal wasteful extra steps. I never got them.
EmiliaKoiler1370721671 EmiliaKoiler1370721671 4 years
They should create a button flap so the poop doesn't leak out! Then it's officially perfect.
AshleeAnnHanson AshleeAnnHanson 4 years
Yea and what happens when the poop leaks out the back of the diaper?! Now there is a damn hole there empowering the poop to leak every where! Lolololol
CindyLaidlaw CindyLaidlaw 4 years
We always just checked at the leg opening. No hassle. Great thought tho.
Vicky14949204 Vicky14949204 4 years
Would love them, I hate the sniff test ; )
wadiaz wadiaz 4 years
Where was this when my kids were babies?! I still have flashbacks of the "sniff test" or the quick peak in the diaper, only to unfortunately have gotten more than a peak. Going to give these as a baby shower gift. I may not be able to use these on my own kids now that they are grown but at least I can spare my friends of horrible flashbacks!
Mahesha14947366 Mahesha14947366 4 years
Amazing! Simple solution to making a parent's life that much easier. I'm buying a stack for my little one on the way.
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