The period between after school and bedtime is bursting with extra-curricular activities, homework, baths, and dinner. Moms usually have a standby meal they can whip up in no time. We asked our community to share their "go-to meals."

  • Pasta with meatballs or sauce was on most menus, with Facebook fan Krystal Cox telling us: "It's easy, they love it and I can do a lot of hiding of veggies in the meatballs and sauce!"
  • Amber512 keeps things simple with sandwiches. "Go-to meals for when my nieces and nephews come over will always be sandwiches. Nothing simpler. We only do something more fancy if we have plenty of time. Otherwise, PB&Js it is!"
  • Anonymous reader Phoenix Rising gave us her recipe for Tator Tot Casserole.
  • Facebook fan Bernadette Dee turns to the packaged goods at Trader Joe's. "Trader Joe's Potstickers. Is that cheating?"
  • RoaringSilence shared her recipe for honey mustard chicken with rice and green beans. "Throw honey, mustard, salt, pepper and lemon juice together, pour over chicken in a baking dish and bake that. I usually take canned green beans with that which I pan fry with some onions, bacon bits and slivered almonds."
  • Snookyx said, "I don't have kids but whenever I baby sit after work I make spicy garlic lime chicken and roasted potatoes."
  • An anonymous reader shared her recipe for chicken "risotto." "I use regular rice as it cooks so much more quickly and is less labor intensive than arborio. I toss in pre-cooked chicken and some mixed veg and a can of chopped tomatoes."
  • Girl Jen said, "Pan-fried meat (salmon or chicken) with steamed veggies."