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Easy Stroll Ergonomic Stroller Handle: Ga Ga or Gag?

Mamas are always looking for an extra hand to help them on their way. From holding lil hands to carrying shopping bags, moms never seem to have enough hands when they need them most. For moms looking to free up a hand while strolling with their wee ones, the Easy Stroll ($30) is an ergonomic device that attaches directly to pram handlebars to allow for easy, one-handed pushing. According to the manufacturer, the handle improves user's posture by alleviating the need to hunch over the stroller. Would you invest in the product to improve your stroll?

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YoungDad YoungDad 7 years
I bought one. It took a while getting used to it, but once I did, I realized that the $30 on top of the whopping $375 I spent on the stroller made a huge difference. I realized that the leverage the handle creates allowed me to steer mostly with my feet than my arm/hand. Their website said this, but it took my awhile to get used to this. I still steered mostly with my arm at first. I also like that it adjusts to my height depending upon the terrain...I'm 6'2" and live in mountains, so when I walk uphill or downhill, I'm not hunched over. The extra hand is nice, but I don't really talk or carry stuff when walking. Maybe if I had another older child, the extra hand would be nice.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
I like it if only for the fact that I don't have to hunch over the stroller. I reserve judgement on how easy it is, it probably has a learning period no matter how easy the video makes it look, but its probably worth it. I would try it.
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