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An Easy Way to Eat Your Placenta

An Easy Way to Eat Your Placenta

You've probably heard that in some parts of the world, new moms eat their placentas, which are believed to provide a unique health boost. But did you consider doing this yourself when you had your baby? What if you could reap all the benefits by simply swallowing a pill?

A British midwife is offering new moms the opportunity to do so by turning their afterbirths into pills that she then sells back to them.

She collects the placenta immediately after the woman gives birth, and in her home (which has passed numerous health and sanitation inspections in order to provide this service legally), she steams, dehydrates, and grinds the placenta. She then puts the powder into capsules that the mother can take.


According to Daily Mail, the benefits of consuming placenta are said to include "enhanced breast milk production and a reduction in the risk of post-natal depression." 

Read more at Daily Mail

Would you take a pill made from your placenta?

Image Source: via Daily Mail

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JacquelineStewart92701 JacquelineStewart92701 5 years
AmyWamhoff AmyWamhoff 5 years
NO don't think so. I have had 2 children. Was very healthy with both. We are not meant to eat Human organs. Just another reason to make money off of people and their fears. With that said if people think an oragan is going to make you feel better more power to you.
FainaVaynberg FainaVaynberg 5 years
I know this sounds weird and disgusting, but it actually helps tremendously. The pills just look like a power in capsules so it’s no big deal when you take them. I had this done with both of my kids. There are actually a number of women in the bay area that provide this service. After the kids were born, when I would start to feel off balance and emotional, I would take a pill and very quickly after that feel better again. Mostly it helped me to feel balanced, emotionally. The placenta is loaded with hormones and nutrition. After you give birth your hormones are completely out of whack, and anything that can help at this difficult time should be considered. Parenthood should teach you that you need to have an open mind.
TanyaNakogee TanyaNakogee 5 years
I absolutely would! I wanted to encapsulate my placenta from my second baby, but it didn't happen. With my third and final baby, I will do it. I will probably do it myself, but there is a place I can get it done near me, too. They will actually come and pick it up from me and do all the work! I had PPD with my second, and if I can possibly prevent it, or lessen the effects, I will absolutely try it. I could never EAT it. Mainly a texture thing....I won't eat liver, tripe, anything like that. But swallowing a capsule is WAY different.
MichelleR84151 MichelleR84151 5 years
Ew. I'd rather feel a little run down and depressed than ingest my placenta. If your body EXPELS it after childbirth, it's for a REASON. If we our bodies needed it, they'd hang onto it.
KatieAbate KatieAbate 5 years
I have to say I found this article and some of the comments quite disturbing. It's a train wreck - you can't help but look, be appalled and have to comment.......
JanetSkafte JanetSkafte 5 years
it is not cannabalism Cannabalism is actually eating a living breathing person, usually after killing it tho, and those people who suggested eating their own baby after eating their placenta; thats disgusting! How could you even suggest something so barbaric? Read this, its interesting:
HayleyRichards HayleyRichards 5 years
MayaOpperman MayaOpperman 5 years
>>Chiquita Morings - commented on Jan 30, 2012 >> I like to think that just being able to eat what GOd has given us Um, the WOULD include your placenta... >>Honestly did women eat placenta back in the old ages to give them what they lack. Yeeees >>do your own research Good advice! >>no way to know unless you try something different! So true!
MayaOpperman MayaOpperman 5 years
The way I was wolfing down my food in the hospital afterwards I would've eaten anything ;-) I'd say it's definitely worth finding out more about, but after having had 2 kids already, I think I've missed that boat.
ChiquitaMorings ChiquitaMorings 5 years
I think we as mothers will always look to products to enhance our after birthing effects and post natal issues with hormones and and milk. I like to think that just being able to eat what GOd has given us like more fruits and vegetables to get the real phytonutrients we need would keep us on balance. Honestly did women eat placenta back in the old ages to give them what they lack. No they had fiber, fruit, and lots of veggies to keep them going and give them the S on the chest. Lets face it women in the earlier days were having way more babies then we are today and I have not read in any medical history of them eating Placenta. I know Placenta has stem cells but no one has yet to say that they can regenerate after digestion to create more cells. So ladies my tip and advice that has helped me stay all together is Juice Plus. I have 3 children and 2 are infant/ toddlers and in order to stay number 1 healthy to care for them and 2 post natal give me everything I needed and more this is what I and my whole family has used. Lets face it thats is why it was put on the earth; fruits and vegetables. Check out this link and do your own research on the already research completed and proven. no way to know unless you try something different! Check it out
TheresaSoeller TheresaSoeller 5 years
I see a Saturady Night Live skit here ladies....
TheresaSoeller TheresaSoeller 5 years
I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Hell to the NO....
AnnaDorion AnnaDorion 5 years
The Kindest Meat You Can Eat Encapsulated In A Pill :)
BrittanyJoiner BrittanyJoiner 5 years
I did it with the placenta from my youngest daughters birth and loved it! I will do it again with any future babies too :)
EmilyHoyt66741 EmilyHoyt66741 5 years
So many wonderful benefits for the mother! I have done this with one of my two children and will definitely be doing it again! It was such a boost in helping with getting me back on my feet after birth!
CoMMember13612133320201 CoMMember13612133320201 5 years
That's sounds disgusting
RachelSmith23611 RachelSmith23611 5 years
I had my placenta encapsulated and highly recommend it! Check out placenta benefits- pbi online for info, data etc.
JenniferMorrison72940 JenniferMorrison72940 5 years
This is not cannibalism! A placenta is not a human. It is not part of the baby. I've considered this before, based on the benefits of the hormones on mood and healing etc postnatally, but the process of bringing it home, cutting, freezing etc put me off. Someone else making it into a pill would make it much more appealing. Good on them, so long as it's all hygenic.
LaurieMacDonald LaurieMacDonald 5 years
lol and once im done eating it, ill be sure to eat the baby too, cause cannibalism is super cool! im thinking of trying a puppy next. people are sick
maureenhoward maureenhoward 5 years
no. I would not do this. Since we have started this whole healthy living and holistic stuff, we have seen a rise in autistic and ADHD children. The generation before us did not do all this and they seem pretty normal. I am not sure what all these healthy benefits are actually doing.
SamanthaUeno SamanthaUeno 5 years
One thing to consider about the claims of reduced PPD and increased milk production is that women using midwives and thinking about natural remedies are probably more likely to be doing natural birth, and baby-initiated breastfeeding (breast crawl and nursing on demand, no sugar water and no pacifiers) and baby wearing as well. Doing breast crawl within an hour after birth and nursing on demand without using pacifiers can lead to a better latch and therefore better milk production. Keeping almost constant skin on skin or very close contact between baby and mommy after birth also reduces PPD.
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