Can the final days of pregnancy be compared to a scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Augustus Gloop is seen gobbling up a buffet of wonderful foods? Maybe. For women who watch their weight throughout their nine months, the final days of pregnancy can be an opportunity to indulge in the tasty treats they deny themselves throughout the rest of the prenatal period.

A friend recently told me about her week of gluttony following her final doctor's appointment. Not a fan of her weekly weigh-ins at her obstetrician's office, my friend left her 39-week appointment pleased with her overall weight gain. Given baby's breech presentation, the doctor had scheduled a c-section for the following week. Knowing that she would not have to get on the scale before her surgery, my friend spent her final days of pregnancy gobbling up the hamburgers, ice cream sundaes and pizza slices she had forgone over the past nine months. Though she said she really wasn't hungry due to the little space left in her stomach, she was enjoying the tastes of her favorite foods before she would have to focus on losing her baby weight.

My friend's week of indulgence got me thinking: did you treat yourself to some special foods before giving birth?

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